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As they soar in the nation's public life, their cherished text soars with them.
The same type of vortex also helps bats, hummingbirds and insects soar.
So physicists got to wondering whether radiation pressure could be harnessed to help an item soar.
Once computers achieve a level of intelligence comparable to that of humans, they will necessarily soar past it.
As a result of increasing demand, the companies involved in palm oil production have seen their profits soar.
Let your mind soar up out of the gravity well that is traditional thought.
As the cost of campaigns continues to soar, these people have become more important to cash-strapped political parties.
With each variable the list isolates, their imaginations soar higher.
We never developed truly fuel-efficient vehicles, so our foreign energy imports drastically harm the economy when oil prices soar.
Fascinating that qualities of its blood let it soar higher than many of its kin.
It would likely exacerbate volatility in energy prices, as permit prices soar in booms and collapse in busts.
Well-crafted stories transport us, allow us to soar.
Soar from the sky-high canyon rim to the twisting depths of the canyon, courtesy of our six-story-high screen.
These crow-size raptors with banded tails soar on currents of sun-heated air in groups known as kettles.
The group predicts that with the human population continuing to soar, further development will intensify environmental damage.
Often their blood sugar levels soar, and so do their cholesterol levels.
If students have great teachers, their test scores in reading and math will soar.
The bridge continued to soar across its great arc, unfurling until it was half as wide as the broad side of the room.
When his speeches start to soar as if from the pulpit, he brings them down to the studiousness of the lectern.
They span mysterious depths, soar to giddy heights, raise a few goose bumps of fear at the slight risk of crossing.
If consumption begins to exceed production by even a small amount, the price of a barrel of oil could soar to triple-digit levels.
It's in the circling, hypnotic vamps that those melodies soar above.
They are watching the value of their stock portfolios soar and wondering if they should lock in gains.
If interest rates rise, the interest on the debt could soar quickly.
Should the market soar, however, you'll probably feel considerable buyer's remorse.
Airline managers also fret that if energy prices soar, budget-stressed consumers and business travelers could fly less.
Rugged mountains soar above the fjord on all sides, creating a dramatic setting for a wide range of outdoor activities.
Other hurdles must be overcome if impact investing is to soar.
The price of many commodities continued to soar, in part because of the prospect of a weaker dollar.
At the top, pay for executives seems to soar regardless of the fortunes of their businesses.
As recession bites and growth slows, bankruptcies will soar.
Inflation expectations soar and the central bank loses control of prices.
Either way, the subsidies mean demand for food will soar.
Most residents have bought their apartments and are seeing their value soar.
Many have seen their currencies soar as foreign money pours in.
Unlike manufacturing jobs, natural resource industries aren't susceptible to offshoring when labour costs soar.
Other forecasters also expect demand for smartphones to soar.
As mobile, web-connected devices become ubiquitous, the volume of data they produce will soar.
As more and more people live to a ripe old age, demand for home-care workers is likely to soar.
They have already seen the company's share price soar.
So if living standards in the poorest countries start to rise again, water use is likely to soar.
Low returns on other investments and fears about the world economy have caused the price of gold to soar.
They do this in part because governments do not want their exchange rates to soar suddenly, crippling exporters.
As both production budgets and risks soar it seems less likely than ever that an outsider will break into the club.
Any grave disturbance in the supply chain could well impact heavily on the oil prices, intent to soar to another gloomy peak.
The demand for public services will soar in the coming decades, thanks to the ageing of the population.
The interest on the debt would soar, thereby increasing the deficit and debt.
As growth falls, under-performing loans will soar, and a banking crisis may be initiated.
Its price tends to soar when times are stormy and crash when the rainbows reappear.
Together they all soar, through clouds, until with a great splash they come to the surface of what may be heaven.
Their value would soar if the economy soured and knocked down interest rates.

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