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These build up in the duct and clog pores with a firm, oil-soaked plug.
Drops of sweat soaked his face, contorted in an expression of horror.
When hands are soaked in water, the keratin absorbs it and swells.
Despite the cold air, my undershirt was soaked and my scarf damp.
My hands were bruised, my clothing torn, my feet soaked.
Mankind which began in a cave and behind a windbreak will end in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum.
Remove from range, add gelatine soaked in cold water.
His beard seemed soaked with water, and water trickled from his drowned locks.
They are all constructed on heavy lines with thick padding which becomes water-soaked in the rainy season.
Every beer-soaked summer rock festival is merely a pale imitation.
Because my head wound was pouring blood, my shirt and pants were soaked in blood.
He was holding a brush soaked in glue, and he laughed.
His thinning hair was soaked, and his face had the pallor of warm cheese.
The resident picked up the blood-soaked gauze and squeezed the liquid into the metal basin that contained the bone chips.
Beans that don't have to be soaked, apples that don't turn brown, and other wonders from the food technology conference.
Preparing to examine her, the student pulls back the sheet and finds the mattress soaked with blood.
If consumers really want to be eco-friendly and trendy, organic fabrics are probably better than those that are pesticide-soaked.
But the terminator system is dormant until this seed is soaked in the antibiotic tetracycline.
Oil companies routinely extract core samples when they're trying to find oil-soaked rock, but they can afford such attempts.
Still, many a drinker has set out to prove his iron will and iron stomach by swallowing the booze-soaked insect at the bottom.
Back in the lab the samples are soaked in buckets of water until the crystallized urine dissolves.
Gin-soaked white raisins also supposedly do the trick.
No matter how you're going to prepare them, sweetbreads must first be soaked in cold water and then poached to firm them up.
Glowing leaves of sun-soaked lettuce are a beautiful contrast to the brooding forest colors in the glen.
Obviously, the bonuses soaked up some of the profit, but not all of it.
When this is completely soaked in and dry, they cup the cigarettes and inhale every drag.
The moon popped over the eucalyptus trees and soaked the curtains green.
Moisture soaked through from the outside, and mildew covered the walls.
His shirt was soaked with sweat, and he shifted around in it.
But the captain falls face forward into the wave, and the weight of his equipment and soaked pack pin him to the bottom.
He hasn't bothered to roll up his khaki pants, which are soaked to the knees.
Rain-soaked ash from the volcano peppers the tents during a spell of bad weather that stalled the expedition for days.
Unless, of course, you pay for a full day of skiing but wind up in the lodge by noon soaked with rain.
They stockpiled ammunition on deck and soaked blankets in water in preparation for putting out fires.
So when the ice shrinks and opens up more ocean, more of the sun's heat is soaked up by the dark sea.
On his first winter attempt, he died in the cabin when a blizzard soaked his matches, leaving him unable to light a fire.
Bundles of the indigo plant are soaked to extract the vibrant dye, while long sheets of cotton are laid out awaiting the color.
Potentially dangerous mold blooms can quickly overwhelm water-soaked structures.
The researchers ground up leaves and soaked them in an acid solution similar to the chimps' digestive fluids.
Only one or two companions are visible at any time in the blur of electric greens and rain-soaked browns.
We waited in the thick wet bush as the blood-soaked elephant moved step by painful step to a little river.
Add salt and pepper as desired to the ground beef and mix with egg, chopped onion, and soaked roll.
Squeeze excess broth from the soaked bread and add to the oil and tomatoes.
The cameos are soaked in olive oil to prevent them from becoming brittle, and then polished to reveal their shine.
Water soaked the loose, gravelly ground particles under the topsoil and the particles shifted causing the top layer to collapse.
Getting soaked through isn't much fun, and sometimes the rain blows sideways.
We soaked in a hot tub, enjoyed a picnic, and rode back to our camp.
My boots were wet and completely soaked in mud besides.
Allow it to sit until the baking soda has soaked up all of the moisture, then vacuum.
She would roll up her sleeves and dispense with sentimentality, and do whatever blood-soaked, bad-smelling thing had to be done.
For the electrolyte, he used filter paper soaked in brine.
Citizens risk a sweat-soaked summer without air-conditioning.
It seems that the service sector, which soaked up so many low-skilled workers, is going the way of the manufacturing sector.
But it is distributed, and priced, so bizarrely that some areas are short and others are soaked.
Sweat-soaked nights here were characterised by the breaking down of traditional musical genres.
Then there are the state-owned firms in oil-soaked countries.
On the road to the main cemetery, rain-soaked policemen flail their batons at delivery trucks co-opted as hearses.
The contracts may be watertight, but you can get soaked waiting for a judgment.
The world is being soaked with money now, and speculation is still rampant.
We supported this blood soaked maniac, now it is our duty to help those opposing his tyranny.
The next time you feel yourself getting worked up over a job interview or first date, use a cold compress soaked in skim milk.
There were stories of hands' being taken away in blood-soaked grain bags.
His hair was icy, almost crystalline, and his coat was soaked.
The affected tissue can also turn dark and water-soaked.
These progress as water-soaked streaks down the leaf.
If carpeting is soaked, experts recommend replacing the padding underneath.
The stumps are wrapped in flyspecked, blood-soaked bandages.
More important, the decline of crack removed a crime-soaked job opportunity.
They planted trees, getting thoroughly soaked in the process.
Her body soaked to the bone, she used a flashlight to negotiate a path between the trees.
She wore a long blue dress that was soaked from the rain, and her feet were bare.

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