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In other words, a snug-fitting, non-squeaking hinge is a prayer.
The windows are snug and they have not found their way in yet.
If you tend to sweat a lot, be sure your shirt is cotton, as well as wear a snug-fitting cotton undershirt.
Their draughty homes cost more to heat than snug apartments.
The predictable outcome was a snug little cartel that kept prices high and service innovation low for too long.
He acted as one might after making it to a snug old age only to wake up and find there was nothing.
The aquariums consist of an acrylic cylinder encased in a second, snug-fitting stainless-steel cylinder.
Then, snug as a bug inside, each study subject was finally allowed to sleep while the scanning continued.
The inner braincase bones showed a snug cerebral fit.
Some of those places are so lethal that human life couldn't loiter there even snug inside their spaceships.
Snug cottages with little porches open onto a rocky beach.
In a large baking dish, place the tempeh fingers in one snug layer.
On a cold night, the bar is deliciously snug, and it's accordingly packed.
The others will soon be snug on their shelves again.
They have their own snug secret way, and they won't be hurried.
We sprang aloft and double reefed the topsails, and furled all the other sails, and made all snug.
Self-pity in its early stages is as snug as a feather mattress.
Its fitted design slips easily under an outer shell, and its fleece-lined collar and pockets provide soft, snug warmth.
Whether out skiing or enjoying apres, you will be snug and look cool.
The fitting is only one size fits all so it is a little snug.
Pullover features button-down neck opening, and casual ribbing at cuffs for snug fit.
Internal leg gaiters lock out snow and bottom leg zips provide a snug seal over the top of your boot.
Cinch the belt to snug the waistband against the pot.
Whether out snowboarding or enjoying apres, you will stay snug and look cool.
Stick them to the helmet shell so that when you put the helmet on, it feels snug but not too tight.
Good ventilation, the hood is roomy enough for a helmet, and the waist can snap inside to make a snug fit.
They fit rather snug with its unique contour, high arch and tight ankle opening, so you may consider a half size larger.
Within seconds, you've dialed in a snug and even fit.
Snug cavity protects laptop from unnecessary rattle.
If fits aren't snug, the circuit is broken and everything downstream of the break will fail to light.
Relieve your lumbar with this snug-fitting frame pack.
Stretch these covers over your favorite club for a snug, secure fit and a touch of team spirit.
Your body fat is up and fat occupies more space than muscle and thus the problem with snug clothes.
Pull the paper snug around the lip of the pan and use a belt of cooking twine to hold the paper in place.
They're uncomfortable and restrictive, the waist too snug, the legs too itchy.
Insert the wire stem into a horn hole and pull it snug.
How snug his world was, how comfortable and familiar.
Install washers and lubricated top nuts, and bring to a snug tight condition.
Match the pipe sleeve's inside diameter to the pipe's outside diameter for a snug fit.
Replace other nuts on remaining anchor bolts and prepare for snug tightening.
The lap belt should fit low and snug across the hips.

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