snuck in a sentence

Example sentences for snuck

Truth be told, he might have snuck his leg in there.
She was warning off another leopard seal that had snuck behind me.
The doctor snuck out because he did not want to continue coming up with reasons why he could not operate.
These new life forms, not knowing any better, snuck in to take advantage of prime uninhabited real estate.
Less than a half-hour into the symphony the couple sheepishly snuck out.
Some guys would have snuck home, humiliated, and called in sick.
Imports began growing in the sixties imported oil snuck up on us to sting us in the oil embargo of the early seventies.
He drew his pistol, snuck up behind the president, took aim and fired.
So the foxes snuck up on the wolf and quickly tore out his throat.
He describes the development of snuck as a past tense of sneak in detail and without negative comment.
Snuck into restaurant dressed as fellow-diner but press tags slipped out of bustier.
They've gone the coward's route and have snuck off in the night with no explanation.
We snuck up on him and got close enough to pull the hook out of this talon.
We snuck in quick to take a peek, then glided to the spa in the mirrored elevators.
He had snuck up behind me, and he knew how to talk to the coyotes.
C++ grew gradually in a way that kinda snuck up on us.
And he discovered when he snuck up behind them one time that they were doing lines from their work.
Also, the number of earmarks they snuck into the bills they are opposing.
Oh, this is the best one, a vampire snuck up on the anchor and removed part of his spine.
As the half began, he snuck back onto the field and returned the kickoff for a touchdown.
Everything from food to medicine to cigarettes to livestock to, yes, weapons are snuck back-and-forth.
He snuck into the field thanks for four withdrawals.
Some students look as if they could be in high school while other students look as if they snuck in from the elementary school.
And so an acre was set aside for gardening and ten years snuck by.
The next morning he snuck out to get water, but was seen and shot.
It is chock full of provisions pushing a political agenda snuck into the bill in the dead of night.
While you slept, another major driver of chronic diseases snuck up on public health.
Or they may have had complaints from neighbors about noisy dogs or about people who snuck animals into their apartments.
He admitted, however, that he had snuck out of the house late at night on previous occasions.
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