snubbed in a sentence

Example sentences for snubbed

One of the head males killed a foal, and the rest of the herd snubbed him somehow.
Cheesy sci-fi films snubbed during the first go-round had no shortage of champions.
In the primary rounds many government candidates were snubbed by voters.
Inevitably, however, someone with an equally impressive curriculum vitae will be snubbed.
He was snubbed for the job of chief minister, a post his late father had held for the party.
Now that they are getting snubbed for that nonsense, they are getting all indignant.
She has been snubbed by the family, and her laundry business is being boycotted.
Aggressive solicitations by unknowns outside supermarkets should be snubbed.
He did not wish to make one acquaintance feel snubbed by staying with another, so he always stayed at inns.
All equipment should be properly anchored, and equipment on base isolators properly snubbed.
Each pull shall be snubbed or dead ended at both ends before subsequent pulls.
Ben tried, and got snubbed and no explanation whatever.
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