snub in a sentence

Example sentences for snub

Political observers immediately sought to find meaning behind what some suspected was an intentional snub.
T-Mobile is performing a balancing act in responding to the snub.
If he loses badly then, pundits will put it down to his earlier snub.
Snub-nosed breeds don't fare well inflight, statistically.
Politicians, predictably, have responded to this snub by returning to their bad old form.
And some that should know better than to snub such people nevertheless do so.
The sisters were fair-skinned blondes with small oval faces, blue-gray eyes, and slightly snub noses.
He then pulled a snub-nose chrome revolver from his waistband.
Temperature restrictions are even stricter for snub-nosed animals.
They are snub nosed and thickset, dark brown or gray on top, with hairs that are whitish at the base.

Famous quotes containing the word snub

If you should ever acknowledge my existence, I plan to snub you.... more
Odysseus saw the sirens; they were charming, Blonde, with snub breasts and little neat posteriors,... more
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