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Example sentences for snowy

Half the sky erased in a snowy mist, rooftops laden w/ snow.
The freezer case was full of curious meats: a snowy hunk of a fin whale's throat, a slab of musk ox.
They are hilarious and enormously engaging on this snowy day.
It didn't stick, but it was a snowy afternoon with more forecast for tomorrow.
Explore the comet's surprising snowy landscape in the slides that follow.
The snowy cold he knows to flee and every human exigency crackles as he plugs it in: every outlet works but one.
To get boyfriends, she knocks boys down and grinds their faces in the snowy grit.
He is reported to have been driving under snowy conditions when he lost control of his car, which was struck by another vehicle.
It may be snowy in spots, but there are snowier places.
Yet these picky cats don't adapt well to change, so it's also important to protect their snowy homes.
It's a glimpse into that snowy, starry night on which he took the winning shot.
Snowy plover chicks leave the nest within hours after hatching to search for food.
Snowy plovers nest on open, sandy beaches along much of the coastline from early spring to mid-fall.
The refuge is home to several threatened species including the snowy plover and marbled murrelet.

Famous quotes containing the word snowy

A snowy winter preludes a bumper harvest.... more
I walked abroad in a snowy day; I asked the soft snow with me to play; She played and she melted in all her... more
There is a privacy I love in this snowy night. Driving around, I will waste more time.... more
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