snowplow in a sentence

Example sentences for snowplow

You're not getting down the mountain until the temperature rises or the snowplow shows up.
Eventually, the nurse and the vicar came in a van with a snowplow.
In bed, he is awakened by a snowplow and imagines her beside him.
Some schedules do not allow for waiting, thus the rest stop and snowplow alternatives aren't viable.
We're looking for the first photo of a city snowplow actually plowing snow.
Moving through the air at a low angle instead of straight up, the plume can snowplow more air ahead of it and into space.
Observe these tips to stay safe while giving snowplow operators room to do their jobs.
Do not attempt to stop a snowplow or obstruct its path.
Yield to a snowplow, giving the plow a wide berth with room to maneuver.
There aren't many occasions when a film star missed his big premiere night because he had snowplow duty.
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