snowpack in a sentence

Example sentences for snowpack

Because of the ridiculous amount of waterproofing that has gone into this glove, and our typically damp snowpack.
In touring mode your soul will find bliss as you effortlessly glide skyward atop the snowpack.
In the spring, wolverines build dens in the lingering snowpack to shelter newborns.
Hydrologists work with meteorologists to evaluate snowfall and snowpack.
The snowpack-already diminished by drought-melts earlier in the year, drying the land and giving the wildfire season a jump start.
Miller thinks a better approach is to use shock waves to compress the entire snowpack.
Boulder depends on runoff from mountain snow, but the snowpack at lower elevations has evaporated.
Usually, that open tube is carved into a deep snowpack.
Even without glaciers, the snowpack will provide much the same summer flow.
And the snowpack is our reserve of water that fills the reservoirs in late spring.
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