snowmobile in a sentence

Example sentences for snowmobile

Their approach comes across as pure as the driven snowmobile.
She was relieved, therefore, when a big guy in a down jacket and snowmobile boots showed up and took the empty seat next to her.
Our plan was to be put in by helicopter in the saddle along with our snowmobile and sled, and then to drive to the top.
She eats moose, she rides a snowmobile, and she supports drilling.
The park is open year-round, but access in the winter is sometimes possible only by snowmobile.
Instead, the primary mode of transportation is snowmobile.
Glimpse the beauty of the fjords' icy waters aboard a snowmobile.
The change could open the door to hunters traveling by snowmobile and to the killing of pregnant females.
He handed over a thick stack of rubles and promised to deliver a snowmobile and an outboard motor.
With a snowmobile-inspired traction sole you'll be high-pointing indoors and out with the best of them.
The only way people could get to our wedding was by dogsled and snowmobile.
Snowshoe or ski cross-country rather than renting a snowmobile.
The torch will be carried by such methods as dogsled, snowmobile, horse and plane.
Another year, a snowmobile racer was rushed to a hospital when his corneas froze.
The pragmatic fellow does not panic and instead becomes a snowmobile racer.
The waitress, tough coot that she is, got here by snowmobile.
Snowmobile and cross-country ski trails are in good condition.
If during off-season storage, the snowmobile was stored with the skis exposed to sunlight, damage may have occurred.
Participation in a snowmobile education course will teach how to properly operate and maintain a snowmobile.
Snowmobile helmet fog is primarily caused by breathing warm, moist air onto a cold helmet shield.
Tour prices consist of gear, lunch or snacks, and snowmobile rentals.
Weekend races are commonplace and snowmobile clubs maintain trails and gather at equipment swaps.
Guests will find direct access to mountain bike and hiking trails, as well as a number of snowmobile routes.
Snowmobile riders can follow snow-covered trails where motorized vehicles are allowed.
There are two golf courses nearby, and the hotel offers snowmobile rentals, storage and repair.
There's also fishing, and snowmobile is available in the winter, conditions permitting.
Perfect for snowmobilers, the motel has direct access to the local snowmobile trails.
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