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Example sentences for snowmelt

Evaporation vastly outpaces any rainfall, snowmelt or groundwater supply, reducing water volume and raising salinity.
The population is entirely dependent on glacier and snowmelt to irrigate crops.
Higher spring temperatures are causing the earlier snowmelt, and the timing of that melt influences the warming of the atmosphere.
Precipitation and snowmelt patterns also change, changing the frequency and magnitude of floods along with them.
Each tributary carries runoff and snowmelt from a different area.
People are using groundwater faster than rain or snowmelt can replace it.
Most shelters in the system are more rustic, with outhouses and snowmelt for water.
Some water in the gorges still reaches the ocean during the peak snowmelt season.
The snowmelt, combined with heavy rains, swept a raging river over roads.
Spring snowmelt and occasional summer and fall floods raise the river level.
Snowmelt triggered by pyroclastic flows, surges, and directed blasts.
For snowmelt computations, daily short-wave solar radiation data are recommended.
In reality, the relationship between the snowpack and the amount of snowmelt runoff is complex.
River flows are dependent upon snowmelt and rainfall.
The sensitivity is presented in terms of the ratio of snowmelt in each sensitivity study to that in the control run.
The reservoirs are managed to collect snowmelt and to provide flood protection.
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