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Example sentences for snort

He let out a low snort as his broad nose was stroked.
At last the price of drugs that the beautiful people snort at the beachfront will increase.
People who inject or snort insulin immediately get better at recalling stories and performing other memory tasks.
The finding doesn't mean that all money has directly touched cocaine, although some bills were doubtless used to snort the drug.
The foghorn snort of a hippo warned us to avoid its channel.
Good senior advisers will appreciate that junior faculty members should stay out of the way when the elephants snort and rumble.
From somewhere out in the middle of the huge audience came a single involuntary snort.
The episode is followed by a sudden snort or gasp when breathing resumes.
One option is to snort warm salt water from cupped hands.
The villains in the film snort coke and wear monstrous watches.
History will snort at the moral and intellectual flabbiness of this position.
Low-intensity users swallow or snort methamphetamine for weight loss or for shift-worker fatigue.
When they get surprised or frightened, you may hear them snort.

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