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It was my first-ever night snorkel, and it was such a different experience.
Swimming laps with a mask and snorkel is even more relaxing than normal swimming.
There were tons of colorful tropical fish that were great to snorkel with.
After an endo, grab a snorkel and scope out eagle and manta rays and nurse sharks.
Kayak offshore, then roll overboard to snorkel the reef.
They often snorkel with flashlights at night, when some fish are more active.
Loudest of all is the sound of my own breathing, hollow and detached in the snorkel.
My breathing through my snorkel is strong and regular.
Bleached and dying coral reduces the number of tourists who want to dive or snorkel among the coral reefs.
Snorkel mouthpieces feature an orthodontic design, with a snorkel splash guard and wide-bore breathing tube.
If you go underwater with a tank or a snorkel, you get to know them as individuals.
After all, you need only walk a few steps to be able to snorkel on the large coral reef that protects the bay.
Here you can snorkel among dazzling fish and coral formations, and even take interesting scuba expeditions.
The shallow water is loaded with marine life, so bring a snorkel and mask, and watch where you step.
The warm waters and abundant marine life make this area a popular dive and snorkel spot.
To snorkel from shore, all any swimmer needs to do is strap on a mask, snorkel and fins and swim out to the snorkeling site.
Your snorkel gear helps you see and breathe underwater to experience the ocean's picturesque landscapes.
The kayak and snorkel tour is a good way to get away from the shore and see the area's marine life.
Visitors can also rent snorkel gear, surf boards and stand-up paddleboards.
Pull on a snorkel and enjoy the vistas of the ocean's underwater landscape, from sparkling fish to vibrantly colored coral reefs.
Not everywhere in the world with colorful corals and clear seas is necessarily a prime place to snorkel, however.
With their stability and shallow water capabilities, catamarans make ideal platforms from which to snorkel.
The one common feature is that snorkel equipment rentals are included in the fee.
Swimming in the gentle surf of the protected coves is ideal, and many learn to surf or snorkel within the gentle waters.
Not only can you cut yourself, but you might get stuck on the coral, so you should never snorkel by yourself.
Bring along the snorkel gear, or rent it at your hotel or a rental center.
It is also possible to snorkel and dive when the ocean is calm.
Although the lake's main claim to fame is diving, visitors come to swim, fish and snorkel in the summer as well.
Guests will take a guided snorkel-reef tour followed by a narrated van tour of the island's plantation town.
Basic required equipment for snorkeling includes a mask and snorkel.
Get lucky, and you may get to snorkel with a whale shark, a harmless fish that eats plankton.
The other option is to book a place on a snorkel boat.
Data based on snorkel surveys unless otherwise indicated.
Other facilities include a bathhouse, snack bar, souvenir shop and snorkel gear rentals.
The park's concessioner offers snorkel and dive trips if you don't have a boat of your own.
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