snooty in a sentence

Example sentences for snooty

No, she is a snooty dog and generally snubs other dogs and persons she thinks are creepy.
Newspaper columnists revel in snooty put-downs of his work.
Snooty outsiders, both commentators and policymakers, tend to lump all this together.
Imagine snooty attendants with ear sets or signage that discriminates between customers to pander to the wealthiest customers.
People thought him the more genuine of the two, but he struck some as arrogant, snooty.
For the audience, there is the added spectacle of normally snooty folks falling all over themselves to meet the royal performers.
And of course waiters from snooty high-end places sometimes put on airs.
He is nervous that new, snooty people are coming to town to try to shut his track down.
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