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Example sentences for snooker

Farmers play cards at the next table and snooker in the adjoining room.
Hunting a moving animal is akin to understanding the trajectory and relative path of a snooker ball.
Or think of a ball on a billiard or snooker table with a magnet that attracts another ball.
The same universal laws seems to govern player rankings in sports as diverse as tennis, fencing, snooker and many others.
Most snooker-players automatically confess to ball-touching offences not spotted by the referee.
As he says this he gestures at a mothballed snooker room.
There is a state-of-the-art fitness center, swimming pool, whirlpool and snooker lounge.
The conservatory offers a halfway-house between both worlds so you'll find a snooker table in the former vaulted chapel.
If he'd had a snooker cue, he would have blown suavely on the tip.

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Playing snooker gives you firm hands and helps to build up character. It is the ideal recreation for dedica... more
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