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While the wine snob is largely an invention that eases societal discomfort, the wine bore is in fact a real problem.
She speaks with an aristocratic intonation, but is no snob.
He was a snob who fawned on royalty and admired fascism.
Yesterday the automakers were too busy making money and too snob to take a look at alternative ways coming for outside.
But ignorance is not a virtue, nor is knowledge the equivalent of being a snob.
The exorbitant snob wine is one of the more laughable manifestations.
Still, precision counts, especially if you're a tea snob.
Playing with words indeed, and a good-natured game of one snob openly trying to out-snob another.
The highly illogical car market is not only unduly influenced by style, it is also beholden to the vagaries of snob appeal.
His profile is so witty and kind of intellectual snob yet charming and sweet.
She is no backward-gazing snob with a preference for pedigreed antiques.
Even the snootiest design snob wouldn't quibble with those choices.
The conspicuously egalitarian soldier is to be favored over the snob every time.
He is articulate and handsome, while also coming across as a patrician and a bit of a snob.
He was displaying the blinkered, narrow, either-or mentality of the true cultural snob.
Part of the demand is also driven by the snob factor: at luxury stores, higher prices are often considered a mark of quality.
The snob in us likes to believe that it is always books that spin off movies.
Our planet's web of life is so fragile that one can't afford to be a snob about reclaimed land or mind why a business goes green.
The food snob in me has long rejected them as dry and bland and boring.

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