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Example sentences for sniper

Except for some incredible sniper shots these things are not that precise.
But be careful-that's when you can get shot by a sniper.
Phages are the sniper rifles to antibiotics' flame-throwers.
Sensors can help find a sniper by measuring the acoustical signature of a bullet.
The crowd then moved to a local high school, where bottles were thrown and two shots were fired by a sniper.
They recruited more police officers, arrested a sniper, and rebuilt the market.
Reports say they have confronted sniper fire, heavy machine guns and even mortar rounds.
Prior success as a sniper is a good predictor of success in this unit.
In this particular episode, the role of the sniper on the battlefield is examined.
For the average sniper, the breeze might be a variable that matters.
Still there was the every day skirmishing, sniper fire, and mortar shelling.

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You know how you smoke out a sniper? You send a guy out in the open, and you see if he gets shot. They thou... more
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