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The result, slimy with unfeasible plotting, will gratify those who sniff out all politics as a conspiratorial murk.
Sissy-Louise can sniff out a bed being made with fresh sheets from the dryer from the other end of the house, out on the patio.
They've had high-school kids around their schoolyard trying to get them to sniff glue.
Rather than be rushed, the dog had stopped to sniff a meter.
We've had hIgh- school kids around our schoolyard try- ing to get them to sniff glue.
It's a guessing game-each attorney, as he questions a prospective juror, tries to sniff out his inclinations.
He presented each fireman with twenty test tubes to sniff.
It is not until halfway through the story that the rest of the kids dare to emerge and sniff the air.
Squeezing luggage is a search, but having a dog sniff luggage is not.
On side streets, various sensor-type vehicles sniff the air for chemicals and radiation.
They scratch and sniff and circle the exact spot for that unforgettable free lunch even though the trough has been moved.
The old guys in the villages look up to the heavens and sniff the air.
Experienced faculty members on the search committee will no doubt be quick to sniff out any hint of obsequiousness or insincerity.
Making note of notes as you sniff is a good place to start.
Cooks crush stray parsnip leaves between their fingernails and sniff the wistful fragrance of late autumn.
Researchers have genetically engineered a bacterium that can sniff out toxic chemicals at parts-per-billion concentrations.
To drive home that the flaw needed fixing, the trio created a rig to sniff signals from more than a mile away.
We sniff substances all the time that are toxic to these neurons, which die and must be replaced.
Also, better technology needs to be installed to sniff or scan for those explosives.
He starts from the observation that even those who are otherwise paralysed can sniff.
They implore the country's newspapers to sniff out and expose the fiddles of officials.
Dogs trained to sniff out mines quickly tire of the task.
Such a device might detect biological weapons, run genetic tests or sniff out contaminants.
To test the technology, he has graduate students sniff samples of smelly air from plastic bags.
The ambitious sniff a chance for personal advancement, but also to remake their parties-and even the political structure.
At home leaders must learn that voters are less tribal, more critical and better able to sniff out hypocrisy.
Equipment that can sniff these vapours could help find bombs.
Other packets sniff the trails thus created and choose accordingly.
Its improvised approaches, sniff theorists, cannot be scaled up and are therefore not up to the task of tackling global poverty.
So to sniff out the tunnels, law enforcement has decided to dig a few of its own.
If that idea has the whiff of failure about it, well, sniff again.
Your dog knows in a sniff if you have been cavorting with the despised feline next door or fingering his favorite treats.
For gardeners, stink bugs are not a problem to sniff at.
Rats can locate the direction of a stench's source in a single sniff, new research shows.
Bring in some spices from your collection, either in bottles or small plastic bags, and allow students to sniff them.
So they don't scare people as they sniff through the crowds.
The bear eventually gave up on its charge to sniff the people's bags and equipment.
He stuck his head through the opened window, took a big sniff, and went on his way.
They also place nuts in small pits from previous hammering and sniff them between strikes to see if the kernel is exposed yet.
Walking in leaf-softened light on the red blossoms fallen from a silk-cotton tree, the pair slowed and exchanged a sniff.
Knowing how different receptors recognize odors could help produce artificial noses able to sniff out scents from cancer to bombs.
The team will stay here for a month, using dogs to sniff out fugitives.
Their sense of smell is exquisite, the better to sniff seals at their breathing holes under the ice.
Novel chemicals may help teach dogs to sniff out corpses, drugs, and bombs.
For this study, rats are the perfect lab rats: they can learn about foods through one quick sniff of another rat's breath.
Promising new technologies could sniff out liquid bombs.
In other cancer detection news, some are using dogs to sniff out cancer and others use genetic tests to figure out cancer risks.
The researchers selected molecules from different intervals along the yardstick and had people sniff them.
Speck-size devices could then sniff for explosives or for biological weapons.
But we're not the only ones who can sniff these bacterial chemicals.
Such futzes, they sniff, need to learn time-management techniques.
One of the quickest and easiest ways to sniff out a bot is to test a chatter's medium-term memory.
He never attacks the plants, but will sniff the blooms and is in complete ecstasy when given one to eat.
Patients with mild memory problems were asked to scratch and sniff odor-infused patches and then identify the scent.
Occupy yourself with another sniff of the meaty vapors.
All connections after the first are considered sniff sessions.
The report also said dogs brought in to sniff for accelerants found nothing.

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