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Example sentences for snicker

Many a snicker greeted this blatant attempt to prefigure and even direct the course of artistic expression.
The youngsters in the room may even snicker derisively and wonder if anyone was ever daft enough to believe that.
They don't parrot the party line, they snicker at some official's sanitized version, they'll listen to their hosts' ideas.
People would snicker behind your back, your scientific career would be ruined, and you wouldn't get tenure.
When the makers of this series claim some profound philosophic purpose, the appropriate response is not to sue but to snicker.
Let outsiders snicker and make cracks about appealing to a higher power.
One might grin or snicker at a question aimed at the other.
True, they were last in a seven-team division last year and are last in a five-team division this year, but don't snicker too.
As he waited to be summoned by the boss, a small army of clerks gathered to gape and snicker.
At one point he even called himself a top-10 player, which made some people snicker.
The sophisticated are ill advised to snicker at this prescription for winning.

Famous quotes containing the word snicker

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