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Sneak through a city and stealthily cut the throats of your political enemies.
In that case, wait until they slip into a tryptophan-induced coma and then sneak into the den.
They now needed to sneak a club trick to make the contract.
Then allow the reader a sneak peek of what's to come.
Set your alarms early for the next few days to sneak a peek at a stargazing spectacle.
There are all kinds of places you can sneak it something edible.
Get a sneak peek at the first show of the final season.
The executive sneak play appeared to have been coordinated at high levels.
However businesses are optimistic that a more limited change, specific to the clothing industry, may sneak through.
Visit your local zoo and you may get a sneak peak at the social behavior of prairie dogs.
If a capricious third party decides to sneak in extra apples every day, eventually he's going to upset the cycle.
The museum recently sent out a sneak peek of what visitors to the new exhibit can expect.
Sip wine in the onboard hot tub or sneak out for a moonlight paddle after hours.
Predators use it to sneak up on lunch, and prey attempt to blend into the background to avoid the hungry hunters.
That's how they keep managing to sneak past our immune systems and why new flu vaccines are needed each year.
The editor was careless, allowing several duplicated recipes to sneak in.
They might sneak up on their prey or perhaps use sonar to catch them, scientists say.
Even milk in morning coffee is supposed to be skim-though two scrambled eggs do somehow sneak into this diet.
Seam-sealed waterproof construction ensures water won't sneak into this boot.
So the only way to get pictures was to sneak up on them.
Work together to sneak up behind a resting seal and put a net over it.
Sign up to receive e-mail exclusive offers, plus sneak previews of new merchandise.
Someone needs to sneak up and sprinkle red pepper flakes on his head as a test.
Now that he's finished reading them, he's making plans to sneak them back into the library.
Sneak a peak at our gallery of online-exclusive images of swimsuits through the decades.
Get a sneak peek at the warships and other exhibit props in this gallery.
We enjoy a long soak and then sneak back into the night.
It could sneak up and disable or steal enemy satellites.
But you can sneak reasonably priced snacks into a theatre.
When porters removed and loaded luggage he had to sneak in between the cargo and stay hidden.
Although brutal dictatorships are peaceful and safe for tourists, don't think you can sneak off or take photos.
They yield to the leaders of their group, but they also sneak off to engage in clandestine affairs when no one's looking.
Over the next month, nearly half of all high-school students will sneak a drink of alcohol.
If you sneak in from the side, the fly leans in the opposite direction.
They sneak into the park late at night to let their cattle graze.
He would sneak out, go gambling, in the pre-dawn hours.
There are a couple of sneak peeks online here and here.
But it wouldn't be unusual for early dementia to sneak in under the radar.
One patient claims to sneak out at night and read newspapers in advance.
After all, some advertisers think the value of product integration is the ability to sneak up on viewers.
Some scofflaws wear old shoes, leave them on a table, and sneak out with new ones.
The sneak peek featured greetings from some of the cast members.
It could even be used to sneak up on and tamper with enemy satellites.
Another way to sneak through troublesome areas is to team up with friends.
Maybe he'd even sneak in some history-making diplomatic feats.
To keep their stock looking current, shops sneak some new clothes into the mix.

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