snarling in a sentence

Example sentences for snarling

Other photographs show the dogs straining at their leashes and snarling at the prisoner.
And the nations do but murmur, snarling at each other's heels.
It was not the usual criticism: it was sharp and angry, snarling.
It would really help if they stopped snarling at colleagues and decided to collaborate instead.
The leopard was snarling and furious at being caught, with its hind leg gashed by a wire snare.
Where fast bowlers are described as fearsome and snarling, spin bowlers attract adjectives such as wily or mysterious.
Last week soldiers stood beside polling stations snarling at civilians.
The dogs, snarling theatrically, are beginning their night-time tear-up.
But the strike was snarling flights throughout the country and was disrupting schedules of numerous airlines.
For example, the dogs here ignore the horse's dilemma while snarling over a bone, and chickens diligently scratch for food.
Let's take that snickering and snarling over national parks.
They are snarling up computer programs and delaying system development.
They blend grinding punk, twangy country and snarling surf-rock.

Famous quotes containing the word snarling

The silver, snarling trumpets 'gan to chide:... more
The muddy rivers of spring Are snarling Under the muddy skies. The mind is muddy.... more
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