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Example sentences for snarled

The two cheetahs snarled and refused to get out of their trailer.
From there, it was a steep scramble up terrain snarled with thickets of slide alder and spiky devil's club.
Language wasn't a problem, as the actors mainly snarled and shrieked.
The council has yet to begin untangling the legal and legislative knots that have snarled up the economy for so many years.
Arbitrary checkpoints on roads, which snarled traffic and humiliated drivers, have vanished.
Twenty generations later, and foxes that would once have snarled at human handlers would wag their tails instead.
One evening, from out of the darkness, the dog snarled and lunged at his leg.
Five are in the air again, but scheduling remains snarled while the others are out of service.
Their reel mechanism had stalled and the line became badly snarled.
Strong storms demolished homes and snarled air traffic.
Picking up a banner with a loosely, snarled line will only tighten it and complicate the problem.
Cars were tossed about, cornices plunged into streets, and traffic was snarled for hours.
The snow snarled all kinds of transportation and caused power outages and emergencies.
Frustrated private vehicle operators may drive more aggressively when congestion is snarled.
The police were out directing traffic, and that's what kept everything from getting snarled up worse than it was.
Considerable wire rigging remains snarled and tangled about the wreck, as well as fragments of masts.
Needless to say this snarled holiday travel conditions, especially the day before thanksgiving.

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The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard And made dust and dropped stove-length sticks of wood, Sweet-s... more
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