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Example sentences for snarl

City political affairs have never before presented such a knotty snarl as now.
Behind the snarl lies a cagey opportunist, proficient hunter, and dutiful parent.
He will snarl and the fur on his back and neck will stand up.
And while the two campaigns snarl ever more loudly at each other, both leaders continue to stress bipartisanship.
Sweat ran down his face, which he was trying to keep straight but kept twisting into a snarl.
Recently a highway collapsed, causing an epic snarl-up.
The negotiating text is now a snarl of material that few parties can agree upon.
His thoughts clogged as if a comb working through his mind had stuck against a snarl.
When people approach, the adult dogs raise their hackles and snarl threateningly.
At the outset, however, such concerns were forgotten amid a conventioneers' snarl over accommodations.
Drivers run red lights without giving it a thought, while political demonstrations snarl traffic.
Startled mink may squeal, hiss or snarl and then release a scent similar to a skunk.
The call has been compared to: snoring, the sound of wet fingers being drawn over an inflated balloon, and a rasping snarl.
There is the potential for political rallies to snarl traffic and damage property.
When problems arise, operators make quick and important decisions to prevent delay, un-snarl traffic and improve safety.
The snarl of competing and parallel reactions has not yet been unraveled.

Famous quotes containing the word snarl

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