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Example sentences for snappy

There's no evidence to suggest that there's any more to it than that people get snappy when they're hungry.
Please don't concern yourself with a snappy response.
What she has in mind is a big tent, one that doesn't exclude fancy toys or snappy musical productions.
It's the kind of snappy response you'd expect from a for-profit college.
Consequently, they write interesting stuff, more human than coldly professional or formula-snappy.
These tend to be part of a longer exchange, but you're only viewing one snappy portion.
If you accept this theory, it makes perfect sense that the protesters don't have short and snappy set of demands.
Where the other chapters consistently felt snappy and engrossing, this one sometimes felt a little more formulaic, even forced.
With all his snappy posts and ripostes, you may have come to think of him as quick-witted.
McLuhan's slogans circulate because they are snappy but also because they have never been understood.
We miss him now, with those thin ties and that crisp authority in an era of snappy salutes and getting things done.
Equator won praise for snappy performance and crisp handling.
Both have snappy terminals with comfortable lounges.
Rose may not be profound or snappy with a quote, but he is sincere.
Even print reporters are looking for short, snappy quotes.
We had tried our darndest to think of snappy words to get our ideas into the press.

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