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Example sentences for snapped

The club that he had snapped from a tree, for a staff or for defense, was his own.
They snapped radio collars on the fuzzy creatures to track them.
It likely snapped, causing all aboard to tragically, be lost at sea.
Whenever someone made a sound in response, the robot's camera snapped a picture.
The full autumn moon was already starting rise over the skyline, and firecrackers snapped on the street.
He was bringing the ball forward from behind his head in a clean-looking throwing action as the photo was snapped.
But when they took to the streets, the party snapped to attention.
Drilling rights have been snapped up as everyone tries to get a piece of the hazardous action.
When you have snapped a picture, you can swipe right to enter your camera roll.
Fans are now reconstructing episodes using surviving audio tracks and photos that people snapped of their telly screens.
It's a novel approach to image capture that allows the user to change the focus of a photo after the picture has been snapped.
It pops out of the solid body and sits on a plastic scaffold high above the camera, waiting to be snapped off.
Torsos rippled and legs snapped high in commanding leaps.
At the same time they snapped up brewers in emerging markets, where the party can only get livelier.
Now shelving and storage units are being snapped up.
Several other independent gas producers facing similar constraints may also be snapped up in the coming months.
Shoppers snapped up bargains at its closing-down sales.
He recently snapped at someone who had the temerity to ask him about his louche personal life at a public event.
Stocks have snapped back sharply after past historic declines.
It has snapped up fire equipment destined for other cities.
Telephone poles snapped with wires wrapped around tree.
Numerous large oak and hickory trees were snapped off, some near the base.
Damage consisted of snapped and uprooted trees and downed branches.
Several large hardwood trees were uprooted and a few snapped.
Numerous trees were either uprooted or snapped off along the path.
Numerous large trees were snapped and uprooted, several causing major damage to some homes, and power poles were snapped off.
Several cedar and cypress trees were either snapped or uprooted.
Notice how the tree was twisted as the limbs snapped.
Several trees were either blown down or snapped off along the short path.
Numerous trees were blown down or snapped off along the path.
Numerous trees were uprooted and snapped in a convergent pattern.
In one concentrated spot two dozen trees were snapped off.
The tornado snapped and uprooted many trees along the way.
Several trees were uprooted or snapped off along the path of the tornado.
Multiple large trees were snapped and uprooted along the path.
Three power poles were snapped off and a couple of trees damaged.
Several hundred trees were snapped off or uprooted along the path.
Small to medium sized trees will be uprooted or snapped.
The tornado snapped trees and removed shingles off homes.
Power poles were snapped off near the track with nearby trees uprooted or snapped off at the base.
Several trees were either uprooted or snapped off along the path, as well as one power pole toppled.
Elsewhere along the path numerous large hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted.
Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along the path.

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