snake oil in a sentence

Example sentences for snake oil

He had snake oil to sell us, something that would make everything better by restoring our moral vitality.
He's selling snake oil to the eager customers, and he knows it.
The culprit is public ignorance of science which uncritically allows in the purveyors of snake oil and scare stories.
In any case, some of the financial snake oil peddled at the height of the housing bubble was bad for saving.
Instead he is selling the same snake oil of aid and green technology to the developing world as the solution.
How absurd it would be, how socially stigmatizing, for anybody to peddle such snake oil.
That's one of the reasons that snake oil salesmen have done so well marketing to affected people.
Your snake oil doesn't fly, kiddo, and you really need to get yourself a bit more than a tenth-grade science education.
It's a mature industry, but you present it as snake oil.
Someday, this sort of snake oil selling will catch up to the scammers.
People in general are intelligent enough to realize when snake oil is heading their way.
That's partly because the quest to extend life span has always been linked to snake oil.
Please, please, stop endorsing snake oil treatments and playing on the hopes and fears of the uninformed.
Policy should be based on sound science, not snake oil.
The other with pure woo-woo ads for every imaginable bit of snake oil.
The game was started by a pitcher wearing fake teeth in his mouth and finished by a reliever wearing snake oil on his arm.
And the blank stares in the audience suggested that his kind of musical snake oil is losing its potency.
From voices of profound thoughts into mere snake oil salesmen.
The pitches are reminiscent of snake oil sales-cheap cures for whatever ails you.
To a skeptic, they are nothing more than snake oil sold to unwary fools.
But serious botanists and medical professionals scoffed that ginseng was anything more than snake oil.
These scams are as old as snake oil, but people continue to be taken in.
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