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No dishes to clean as every meal and snack will be provided.
Regularly scheduled meal and snack times help your preschooler learn structure for eating.
Not too heavy, not too light-perfect for a light lunch or snack with tea.
Freeze blueberries on a cookie sheet and store them in freezer bags so you can snack on them all year.
Now they're gone from a cute vegetable to a gourmet party snack.
Dip your feet in the water while you snack on movie candy, sweet-potato fries, or wine and cheese plates.
So forget the chips-a banana is a safer snack for your health.
It could be that someone brought one in as an eventual snack but that snack managed to get loose.
But when they get close they turn away from our heads and dive for our feet-apparently their preferred snack spot.
And those tangles of hair slowed down the bug's search for a place to snack, too.
They attract predatory fireflies looking for a snack.
With that kind of exposure, some bugs are bound to figure out how to turn these potential toxins into a tasty snack.
To resist buying a snack, even though you want to, would bring about the effects described by the study.
The bears are extremely hungry in their search for food, they would welcome a good snack.
Bolt it to a chimp cage, so that the ape will have to get creative to retrieve the tasty snack.
He slipped up by bragging on a break, by the snack machine, and was promptly snitched upon by yours truly.
Snack-bearing faculty members also seemed to put those of us who did not bring in treats at a disadvantage.
Presumably it costs the airline something to provide the snack boxes, whereas not providing snacks cuts costs.
Indeed, some people would purchase one as a snack without food on a hot day.
Believing that food slowed up the creative process, the producer limited their lunches to a snack of bananas and salted peanuts.
Shortly afterward the patient awoke and was given a snack before being escorted back to his room.
Stroll through our beautiful sculpture garden, visit our museum shops and enjoy a delicious lunch or snack at our café.
But it turns out that the explanation for the ability of some skinks to snack on the toxic toads is a little more complicated.
The tantalizing snack hovered above until a hungry fish was tempted to go for it.
The solution was to promote the eating of apples as a healthy snack.
That's when you'll know that you're not looking at some ordinary bronze-sheathed, hundred-and-seventy-five-ton afternoon snack.
In the snack bar, empty white plastic cups stained with coffee littered the countertop.
She feeds one group of people a high-volume snack and another group a low-volume snack.
Nevertheless, this tooth is the first unarguable proof that crocodilians did indeed snack on dinosaurs.
Instead, every bit of it can instantaneously become the venue for a seminar, a snack or romance.
And it is too far to travel by boat for a quick snack in the big cities.
Stinky tofu is merely a snack sold in night markets.
Everything, from pain to a snack or a joke, is there to be shared.
Another one said that he had exerted himself too much and he needed a snack.
Snack food vending machines should not be allowed, even though they may provide funding for extra school facilities.
It was a snack she would always remember with regret.
If they snack in the middle of the night, they are awake and fully conscious of their actions.
If you have a history of hypoglycemia, keep a snack or drink containing sugar with you at all times.
It also tries to keep from becoming another animal's snack.
They slither through the forest, looking for animals that might make a tasty snack.
Long tongues make eating easier-in addition to fruit, the bats snack on pollen and flowers.
Nudibranchs snack on sea squirts, sponges, and hydroids that are poisonous to other animals.
Sometimes it annoyingly brings the wrong snack or gives the wrong change.
The javelinas grunt softly and bump into each other as they snack.
Watch a flying fox gorge itself on a midnight snack of figs.
They often move into the park's meadows to eat berries and other favorite snack foods.
These pictures show some of the park's critters enjoying carved pumpkins as a tasty snack instead of decorations.
The hatchling may snack on shrimp, small jellyfish and snails that drift in and around the seaweed.
You're working at home and your mind starts to wander to snack possibilities.
Even better, add a lump of sugar or have a carbohydrate-rich snack at the same time for an extra cognitive kick.
Pool tables, mini-lounges, and snack zones draw people toward the center of the space rather than isolating them around the edges.
In a hallway behind the reception desk is a kitchen laden with snack food and soft drinks.
The sightseeing cruises, which require no reservation, last one hour and provide refreshments from an open snack bar.
Guests can pay extra and bring their own refreshments, or visit the snack bar.
What you need is refreshment, a trip to the sonic snack bar.
There was always a big pot of it in the refrigerator, and a generous spoonful was a favorite after-school snack.
Lillian has even made a breakfast snack by topping these squares with fried eggs and ham.
The fact that they don't drip too much juice can be handy if they're intended as a roadside snack.
And probably walk out with a little snack for later.
When the lake level is low, a mobile snack bar is set up near the water's edge.
These snack bars are advertised as low in calories, high in calcium and made with whole grains.

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