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Example sentences for smugness

They succeeded, becoming prosperous, and piety mingled with smugness made the whole family insufferably sententious.
Thank you for presenting the smugness of the deniers as evidence.
They've heard it all, and rudeness and smugness will only prolong your wait.
Boomers have a smugness that seems to be generation-spanning.
The smugness--the serene confidence--of that reply literally beggars belief.
Gleefully, they lambasted vegetarians for their now undermined eco-smugness.
But smugness can breed complacency, and complacency carelessness.
Even regulators are human, so perhaps a little smugness is inevitable-yet such claims are highly debatable.
Once the foolhardy are teetering on the precipice, it is too late for smugness.
Your smugness and hostility towards your customers are illuminating.
With all the smugness of the initiated, they have carped about how unrealistic and simple-minded the program was.
And his film holds the interest much longer than its inherent smugness would seem to allow.
In spite of their apparent parochialism, these movies appeal to the universal, complementary emotions of smugness and envy.
It shows the kind of arrogance and insensitivity, even smugness, that one finds in his music making.
Not so surprisingly, smugness and hypocrisy are rampant.

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