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Example sentences for smudge

The big smudge in the middle is a powerful storm swirling on the planet.
He found that it must be comfortable in the hand and should not smudge.
Entire batches can be ruined with a big smudge or rain drops.
In the canyons below, the forest flattened into a gray smudge.
Instead, even the best earthbound telescopes ordinarily see a star as a fat smudge.
She held one up to the light, squinted at a filthy smudge-and was astonished to see ghostly faces staring back at her.
Poker, is in fact a game of skill with a smudge of chance.
The smudge-proof stainless steel body is great for neat freaks and those of us concerned about leaving our prints around.
We're blown away by the phone's smudge-resisting skills.
Screen stays smudge-free even after numerous swipes.
After each block of the pattern, sawdust is dusted across the surface to ensure that the images don't smudge.
She blows on the damp spot until it is completely dry, so the pen will not leave a telltale smudge.
It hadn't penetrated to the wood, but the skiff had gouged out several layers of white paint and left a green smudge.
And because of that, a faint green smudge can reveal entire galaxies hidden from view, betrayed by their own activity.
The stars are contained in thousands of galaxies, each so far away that their might and power is reduced to a smudge.
He holds up a digital print and points to a smudge in one of the precarious perches.
Well, she was gone a lot at nights, and then she came back covered in smudge makeup.
O n the third day without water, a smudge appeared on the horizon.
It's the little things that count-a stray hair, a piece of lint, a smudge of mud.
Shortly before dawn it hovers low in the northeastern sky: a dim, fork-tailed smudge of celestial light.
Red smudge of durum wheat and its effect on germination, seedling emergence, and plant growth.
Tracks may appear as smudge marks on the side of a house where a raccoon shimmies up and down a downspout or utility pipe.
It was burned in smudge pots, producing a thick smoke which made a potent mosquito repellent.
Campfires are permitted for cooking, warmth or smudge, provided that firewood is only gathered from dead and downed trees on site.
No fires are permitted except for cooking, warmth or smudge.
Sage branches can be cut, bundled into smudge sticks, and burned to create a pleasant smell.
Roll your fingers while they're bunched together, and you smudge the print.
As they approached, it became apparent that the smudge was actually a few hundred spectacled eiders in a small ice hole.
Each book is unique, even if the only distinguishing mark is a smudge.
All poles shall be clean and free from bleeding and smudge deposits after treatment.

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