smorgasbord in a sentence

Example sentences for smorgasbord

All one needs to do is take a drive through a low income neighborhood and you'll find a smorgasbord of fast food joints.
The burrowing owls, suddenly lacking a smorgasbord of mouse meat, resort to hunting petrels.
Both the main parties kicked off their campaigns with a smorgasbord of promises.
Its vision of the future, however, is a smorgasbord of whiz-bang inventions.
The world's biggest collider hopes to create a smorgasbord of exotic particles.
No rich country needs a smorgasbord of subsidies for manufacturing.
When it does work, this thing is an entertainment smorgasbord.
Last week's release of new divorce statistics led to a smorgasbord of reporting feeding the myth.
It goes particularly well with the marinated and pickled herring, salads and cold meats of the smorgasbord.
He was hauled before the police board numerous times, facing a smorgasbord of charges that should have gotten him fired.
In addition, there is roasted pork, a wide variety of side dishes and a smorgasbord of desserts.
The shop is a smorgasbord of workings from local artists including paintings, pottery, and homemade foods.
Coinciding with this event, an array of birds return to feast on a smorgasbord of insects.
There are a smorgasbord of industries in which you fly, each with different operating environments and different challenges.
The village boasts a smorgasbord of churches, the congregations' diversity making up for their lack of size and splendor.
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