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The frame itself contains mechanisms that move the mirror smoothly in spite of its heavy weight.
GM engineers redesigned the truck's rugged transmission so a driver could smoothly shift power from the wheels to a propeller.
Things are going so smoothly that there isn't much to do.
He got his railroad running smoothly, but in the process he drove himself to exhaustion.
Once they are started, the middle goes smoothly enough, until they face the difficulty of the end.
Do not overlook, however, the fact that all this does not run its course quite smoothly.
If frosting is too stiff to spread smoothly, thin with a few drops of water.
The internal affairs of the colony went more smoothly.
He still had difficulty in enunciating clearly or even in running off his words smoothly.
The sails swelled in the wind, and the ship glided smoothly and lightly over the clear sea.
We recommend that you use a high-speed, broadband connection in order to download multimedia quickly and stream content smoothly.
They can be installed on virtually any overhead door that operates smoothly.
In these videos, viewers take a look at the work that is necessary to keep the world running smoothly.
The suave ring leader smoothly moves through the aristocratic social circles, charming all those who cross his path.
We've gathered tips and links to online planning tools that should make your trip logistics flow smoothly.
How something so complex operates so smoothly has fascinated scientists for centuries.
Audiovisual experts are available to ensure that your program runs smoothly.
These things help your vehicle run more smoothly, use less gas and produce fewer emissions.
Have your furnace and water heaters checked each year for safety and to make sure everything is operating smoothly.
Turning a crank stirred the ingredients and made the ice cream freeze smoothly.
By all accounts the trip up the icefall ran smoothly-smooth being a relative term here at the icefall.
It's all you need to ensure that your project is run smoothly, economically and efficiently.
The team is hoping that things will run smoothly now.
Squeeze off the shutter, smoothly and without jerking.
Normally this happens smoothly, at a rate of a few inches a year.
Autonomous cars that, in theory, can help commuters de-stress and allow freeways to flow more smoothly.
The wind gusts against your face, your body gliding smoothly against a backdrop of fuzzy blue and gray skies.
She reportedly wiggled her toes and moved her hands, which doctors say is a good sign that her recovery will go smoothly.
We lure him with treats and toys but he still doesn't walk smoothly.
Frantic troubleshooting by an overworked staff versus someone else fixing problems smoothly.
Go back and change the sentences to make them fit together more smoothly.
If the search goes smoothly, chances are the transition will too.
Hopefully your dean is also on board and things will go smoothly.
From my understandings if things go smoothly you move one point up the spine each year.
But that doesn't mean you can't plan ahead so that your interaction with students goes as smoothly as possible.
With my three-part plan established and running relatively smoothly, all is well, you may think.
Students have been key to the success of the series, he says, which is not to say that their work has always gone smoothly.
Getting your team to agree collectively to how meetings will work will help things run smoothly in the future.
Everything went smoothly for my other three interviews.
Again, all continued to move along as smoothly as the tutorial suggested it should.
If you expect things to run smoothly and quickly in academe, you are setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment.
It is the chair's job to help the candidate proceed smoothly to a successful defense.
It's a taut adventure story, and weaves three plot lines smoothly together.
Then the office hours meeting could continue more smoothly.
Before the plane lands, word comes that the engine is running smoothly.
The execution ran less smoothly than it should have done.
The reality is that mergers rarely work out so smoothly.
Phones and religious beliefs do not always mix smoothly, however.
The suddenness of the price rise left little room for consumers, companies or governments to adapt smoothly.
Incentives work best when they pay out smoothly in line with effort.
But maybe things wouldn't go so smoothly the next time around.
It calls for detailed planning and precise timing to keep the ore flowing steadily and smoothly.
Share prices should therefore adjust relatively smoothly over time, thereby avoiding a meltdown.
The first of these is to keep the financial system working smoothly by ensuring that the banking system has enough liquidity.
Given the government's record of corruption and brutality, things may not run smoothly.
And for it to be executed smoothly, it would have to be accompanied by detailed planning.
So far, the whole operation has gone surprisingly smoothly.
Their role now is to make sure the hearing goes smoothly.
The researchers determined that two layers of copper atoms typically slide over each other quite smoothly.
It lets conditions such as temperature vary smoothly.
Guardian proteins, found in all forms of life, keep a wide variety of cellular processes running smoothly.
It can etch silicon more slowly and more smoothly than other solvents used thus far.
Now the cuts and pans of the camera flow smoothly and seamlessly into one another--in fact, you do not even notice them.
Subsequent research by others has confirmed the importance of immune molecules in keeping the brain functioning smoothly.
The bumps on a whale's flipper help form vortices that generate more lift, more smoothly.
Further, it also seems to me to mesh much more smoothly with the inflation part of the big bang.
Press down gingerly to get a good seal and then peel the tape apart slowly enough so that the graphite cleaves smoothly in two.
When constriction did begin it went smoothly and quickly.
For them benefits from smoothly functioning group matter more than whether bully or bullied is dominant over another.
The function that calls this array uses these scalars to smoothly raise the temperatures.
Despite these limitations, the surgery went smoothly.
His eyes slalomed smoothly from page edge to page edge, rarely stopping at the text.
Packing smartly is key to making things go smoothly.
Pack your carry-on with electronics and liquids in an easily accessible spot to get through smoothly.
They smoothly move from serious to blasé and back again.
In reality, they often play a key role in making markets run smoothly.
It may know more about what's on its shelves, and keep its supply chain running more smoothly, than any big chain in the world.
And on the other, he's a mellow fellow gliding smoothly up the corridors of power, or happily puttering in his garden.
She went through the lobby the way a shark goes through the ocean, quickly and smoothly.
It was a slightly overcast morning, but the flight started out smoothly enough.
The rest of the broadcast proceeded smoothly-until the end.
The next time it's going to be different, he says, the next time it's going to go smoothly.
It could also be used by utilities to help keep the electrical grid working smoothly.
When an ailing heart can't move blood on its own, an implanted pump can help keep it flowing smoothly.
He demonstrates against his own arm hair how it cuts as smoothly as a regular razor.
When that happens, the fluid flows smoothly over the lip.
The shape of the fuselage and wings allows air to move more smoothly over the skin of the plane.
Does anyone have a video card that runs the latest games at the highest settings smoothly.
On the other hand, fuel conservation isn't going quite as smoothly.
Never, however, was a succession more wisely prepared for or more smoothly executed.
So it is encouraging that things have gone as smoothly as they have so far.
They are the oil that keeps the engine of progress running smoothly.
The trip went smoothly and the instruments are now in temporary storage in the museum.
Capital markets and debt markets allow businesses to function smoothly.
All will go smoothly until he realizes, or believes, that he will lose.
In fact, the data show no such discontinuity: mortality changes smoothly with age.
Most predictions expect the past to continue, smoothly.
And for it to be executed smoothly, it would have to be accompanied by detailed planning.
Clearing houses, responsible for ensuring that the derivatives market runs smoothly, could also suffer a downgrade.
The markets are functioning smoothly, although there have been some shortages.
But the execution of the bankruptcy seemed to have gone pretty smoothly.
Some handle this task smoothly, and others handle it questionably.
The synovial lining secretes a fluid that oils the joint, keeping it moving smoothly.
It won't help you design an airplane that can slip through the air more smoothly.
Normally, this lining keeps our joints moving smoothly and pain free.
Robust networks have parts that continue to work together smoothly even if conditions fluctuate unpredictably.
And she could quickly and smoothly repeat several phrases with only an occasional mix-up of consonants.
So my skeptical brain kicks into gear easily and smoothly.
Instead of recoiling smoothly, the axon develops kinks.
Long ago paleobotanists had discovered that the final retreat of the ice sheets did not go smoothly.
It seems difficult for perturbations to travel smoothly through a singularity.
They seem to be getting things back up running smoothly though.
Science would progress so much more smoothly if people paid attention to the actual support of accepted ideas.
She merely absorbed ever deeper in her being-home its cratered shades of grey, sinuous rilles and smoothly rounded peaks.
What he has given them is a smoothly written and deeply ambiguous confection.
The plan went ahead on that basis: the wine began to flow, toasts ensued, and everything was going smoothly.
Not all goes smoothly, however, as food put out for one species is likely to attract another.
But among the world's poor, things do not go as smoothly.
Your claims specialist will work closely with you to answer any questions and help make sure your recovery goes smoothly.
Slow down smoothly, change gears as needed to keep power, but do not coast unsafely.
We thank you for your tireless efforts in ensuring our elections ran smoothly.
The repair went smoothly, and the system is back to normal operations.
When approaching a turn, reduce your speed and apply the brakes smoothly.

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