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Example sentences for smoothie

Morning after a relaxed breakfast, perhaps a decaf latte and a mango smoothie.
To them it was as routine as blending a smoothie might be for us.
If you do you can drink a salad for breakfast by throwing in some lettuce into your smoothie.
When it's time to come inside after a fun day enjoying puddles and sunshine, make the shamrock smoothie.
For something lighter, try one of the soups and salads or simply slurp on a smoothie.
Take off the cap and the wide mouth design allows for easy cleaning, filling with ice cubes or a fresh strawberry smoothie.
Depending on how you make it, a smoothie can end up with more milk and yogurt than fruit.
There are also some tropical fruits because they are used by the smoothie stand that shares the premises.
Clay returned to the shade, took a tug of his smoothie and walked to the starting blocks.
He'll squeeze you a faculty smoothie and slip you a side of diploma mill, and do it with a smile.
Here's a great smoothie recipe to help start your day the right way or to help provide that afternoon or after workout pick-me-up.
The restaurant offers bubble tea, which is a dessert drink similar to a smoothie.
Smoothie, hot cocoa, flavored cappuccino or hot tea.
Complement your meal with a fruit smoothie, such as the mango fusion and the mint-and-lime.
Enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie with tapioca pearls for dessert.
Specialty items include the hemp seed tabouli, eggplant lasagna and the delectable coconut almond delight smoothie.
The hotel is within walking distance of two drive-ins, a pizza parlor, a sub shop and a smoothie shop.
After your meal, try one of the cafe's fresh vegetable juices or a refreshing fruit smoothie.
Monthly specials include a green tea and mango smoothie, vegetarian tortilla soup, pan-seared cod and whole-wheat penne pasta.
Service started with hot towels, followed quickly by a smoothie, which was refreshing.
Marijuana, hashish and psychedelic drugs are offered for smoking, ingesting or drinking in a smoothie concoction.
She fortified herself with cups of coffee and a smoothie.
When they're done, he whips up a fruit smoothie in the blender.
How about a drug that rewires your brain to think a banana protein smoothie is all you need to get going for one day.
All that sugar, caffeine, and nicotine pulsing through his body-plus a second latte and a large fruit smoothie.
It was the ingenious adman who renamed the girdle the smoothie.
Blend pineapple juice with other fruit, yogurt, and ice for a fruit smoothie.
And drinks such as a strawberry smoothie can wash it all down.
Drink a fruit smoothie made with whole fruit, ice cubes, and low-fat or fat-free yogurt.
The students showed much enthusiasm during the smoothie activity, which was their favorite.
Make a fruit smoothie with low-fat or fat-free yogurt or milk.
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