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Example sentences for smolder

Soaking allows the chips to smolder rather than burn, generating fragrant clouds of flavorful wood smoke.
Do not allow the burn barrel to smolder, especially overnight.
When not managed properly, a pile of mint slugs will eventually smolder and burn.
Burn only clean, dry materials and do not let poorly fires smolder.
Most fail, some fast in a blaze of credit-card debt, some slowly in a smolder of obscurity.
Breathe in, through injection, skin popping and smolder are some the main ways to take it.
The fire was extinguished last night, but in some places the embers still smolder.
Teams will sometimes smolder over a loss to a lesser opponent for weeks, maybe months before getting a chance for redemption.
Place over medium heat until the wood begins to smolder.
Firefighters continued today to fight the blaze, which was expected to smolder for days.
But tensions would likely smolder and the boys would surely continue their feud outside school.
However, firefighters expected that the fire would smolder for days.
But their big beach-ball heads feature clamped, lozenge-shaped mouths and somewhat slanted green eyes that smolder resentfully.
It can smolder for hours and catch fire later that night.
Any water content below this means the peat can smolder.
Some are left to smolder and that is toxic to boot, not to mention dangerous as they can ignite other things around them.
If the bomb had worked, there would have been a bang, not a smoking smolder.
Her gray-blue eyes could smolder on cue or, more readily, crease into a smile.
Cigarettes can smolder under the cushions of a chair or sofa for several hours before igniting.
Many people think they should let a fi re smolder overnight.
Fires must be completely extinguished and not allowed to smolder at night.
There are a few models of smolder propagation in the literature but none sheds much light on any practical smolder problem.
Smoke lingered over the fire and into surrounding communities for many weeks as the vegetation continued to smolder.
The fire will continue to smolder within the containment lines until complete control is achieved.
Gradually increase speed until the bottom of the drill begins to smolder.
Fires can not smolder or produce large amounts of smoke.
The burning shall not be allowed to smolder beyond the minimum period of time necessary for the destruction of the materials.
Fire shall not continue to smolder beyond the final hour permitted for burning.
When a resting cigarette is accidentally knocked over, it can smolder for hours before a flare-up occurs.
Smoke alarms and smolder-resistant bedding and upholstered furniture are significant fire deterrents.
Light fuels and shade cover over the fire as enable the fire to smolder and creep for the last two weeks.
Some smoke in the interior of the fire may be visible over the next several days as heavy wood continues to smolder.
The power line occasionally collided atop the house, causing the roof to smolder and smoke.
Completely douse butts and ashes with water before throwing them away, as they can smolder and cause a fire.
Completely douse butts and ashes with water before throwing them away as they can smolder and cause a fire.
The stumps will smolder until they start to produce enough smoke for someone to see and report.
Fire can smolder for a long period of time without being noticed.
Fireplace ashes also pose a potential risk because embers can smolder for more than a week after a fire.
Fires have been known to smolder through the winter and flare-up in the spring.
Some fires smolder and produce smoke for several hours before sprinkler heads are activated.
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