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The wood fuels a brick oven nearby, accounting for the enticing woodsy, smoky aroma.
By applying many thin coats of this adapted glaze, he achieved the smoky shadowing he became famous for.
As anyone who has walked into a smoky bar can tell you, alcohol and smoking often go hand in hand.
Diaries of the preceding days mention smoky air and a red sun at morning and evening.
And using chicken stock instead of fish stock guaranteed proper richness to balance wine and the smoky fish.
The steaks sizzle over a smoky heat, sending a delicious aroma into the air.
Some are crystal clear, others of smoky or colored quartz.
Sake is brewed in many styles, ranging from light and fragrant to smoky and full bodied.
They sent up an aircraft with infrared mapping capabilities that could see through the fire's smoky cloak and track its movement.
Adele, known for her smoky voice and lovelorn lyrics.
Mangoes take on a rich smoky flavor from dried chipotle chilies.
She wraps salmon in pancetta for a smoky flavor, then accents its richness with top-quality olive oil and vinegar.
The smoky flavor of the grill adds a bit of umami to this vegetarian kebab and noodle dinner.
Grilling pineapple brings out the natural sugars of the fruit and imparts a smoky flavor.
Fortunately, broiling creates the same crisp skin and smoky flavor as grilling, with far less fuss.
And instead of being powered by smoky little petrol engines, they are driven electrically.
Steaks are juicy and good, but the genius dish here is the full rack of pork ribs: sweet, smoky and soft.
On the downside, the café is rather smoky and oddly old-fashioned.
Schwartz painted the living room four times to get the shade of smoky blue they wanted.
Deeply smoky and piquant, the coarse-ground sausage takes well to thick guacamole and a bright splash of tomatillo salsa.
However, the exact effects of the change can't be predicted, and the outlook might not be so smoky after all.
Another pallor in the void, this time not violet, but a disagreeable smoky yellow.
Enjoy before dinner after a long day of solving equations, or later at night between sets at a smoky jazz club.
The added dimension of grilling provides a brilliant smoky char that takes this dish to new levels.
It tastes as clear as it looks, with no smoky tones or the cloying, mouth-coating feel of high-fructose corn syrup.
For the next ninety minutes they moved through a smoky twilight among the ruins.
The taste was slightly smoky and reminiscent of butterscotch.
Ash gives the yogurt a smoky and slightly astringent taste, as well as a speckled gray color.
The chicken version is particularly enticing, with a smoky-barbeque complexity.
Inevitably, there were some writers who did not enjoy the smoky atmosphere.
Now her face glowed, rosy at the cheeks, smoky below the brow bone.
The result: a flaky, cooked texture and a deep, smoky flavor.
We're seeing a huge trend for colorful lips in varied finishes, and dramatically smoky eyes.
And that sort of smoky, whiskey voice gave her a certain kind of toughness, mystery.
It was smoky, complex, with a foundation of garlic and slow-building heat.
Huitlacoche is an earthy, smoky flavored fungus that grows naturally on corn.
Dad liked charcoal because he thought that wood was too smoky and that it gave too much flavor to the meat.
Its distinctive square bottle was less likely to break when packed tight, and easy to spot across a smoky bar.
Accident rates can be especially high where border-hopping to still-smoky bars is possible.
Sweet and sour smells were rated as higher-pitched, smoky and woody ones as lower-pitched.
Until recently, such a smoky summer would have been seen as a catastrophe.
These beans, harvested from the faeces, then create a coffee that tastes rich and slightly smoky with hints of chocolate.
Non-smokers also have the right to enjoy a non-smoky environment when they go out in the evening.

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