smoking gun in a sentence

Example sentences for smoking gun

The guess here is that minus any forthcoming smoking gun evidence, he will get in.
It even has action shots of code that it says are a smoking gun.
She intends this to be something of a bombshell: the smoking gun in the form of a spray nozzle, as it were.
In lieu of a smoking gun, a more complex picture of autism's environmental causes is now emerging.
It is not the smoking gun that one would prefer but it is a place to start.
Connect the rise of chemical use with the epidemics in autoimmune disease, and you already have a smoking gun.
Climate change is too complex a system to be able to abstract one factor and call it the smoking gun.
Insiders crow that the gumshoes found no smoking gun.
From the start the mortgage problem is not the only smoking gun.
But smoke and a gun are not the same as a smoking gun.
The court evaluated right although no smoking gun is always there.
The smoking gun was found because you weren't vigilant.
It could be the digital smoking gun that points back at them.
Han pulls his smoking gun from beneath the table as the other patron look on in bemused amazement.
For a long time, there was the notion that finding oxygen and methane in a planetary atmosphere would be a smoking gun for life.
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