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He's a journalist, editor and professional drinker and smoker.
The cake-eater and the smoker show up when faced by temptation.
Studies show that no matter how long you've been a smoker, quitting has major and immediate health benefits.
The counterman pulled out a brisket that had been in the smoker for fifteen hours and distributed samples.
He had a heavy mustache and a pipe smoker's percussive cough.
Show a smoker a lighter, and he or she will get the urge for a cigarette.
Smoking pot is a political act, and every smoker is an outlaw.
As any smoker can tell you, quitting is relatively easy.
The more recently an ex-smoker had quit, the more absenteeism they still showed.
Anyone walking into a smoker's abode can tell you that the traces of tobacco use don't vanish when a cigarette is extinguished.
Nicotine blood levels in a smoker, for example, rise almost immediately after inhalation.
Second-hand smoke from a smouldering cigarette is far more noxious than the nicotine-infused fumes inhaled by the smoker.
Something for everyone, it seemed, except this chain-smoker.
As a former smoker and a continuous drinker, my vices filled and continue to fill the state coffers.
The lifelong teetotaller and anti-smoker was addicted to sleeping pills.
Tamara, a nervous chain- smoker, had a shrill voice.
My great grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, he wasn't even a smoker.
Ed was a chain-smoker who'd take two or three puffs, stub the cigarette out, and light the next one.
Never a gum chewer or a smoker, she'd decided to cultivate both habits on the drive up.
Having a fellow smoker quit with you can be a huge support as you both get through this stage.
Second-hand smoke is what a smoker inflicts on others while he or she is lit up.
Wood chips are placed inside the smoker and heated using an electric burner element to produce smoldering coals.
Acknowledge that the smoker may get something out of smoking and may find it difficult to quit.
Adults who smoke even one to four cigarettes per day have nearly three times the risk for heart disease than that of a non-smoker.
Also, the money that a smoker spends on buying cigarettes can be spent on other things when the smoker quits.
At some point, you may feel so sure of yourself as a non-smoker that you feel you can experiment.
That's why a smoker will go outside to smoke even if the weather is raining, cold, or blazing hot.
Secondhand smoke is the combination of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke breathed out by the smoker.
He grew up poor and used to be an overweight two-packs-a-day smoker.

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