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Perpetual irritation of his mucous membranes by interminable inhalations of cigarette smoke had not yet begun.
Cigarette smoke plays an undisputed role in the development of lung and other cancers.
Inside, the air swirls with cigarette smoke and guitar chords being thumped out by a local band.
Toxins in cigarette smoke accelerate skin-cell aging.
To add to their misery, each day seems to bring a new study showing how vile and dangerous even a whiff of cigarette smoke can be.
As the plume of cigarette smoke dissipates, his smile exposes a single tooth.
He swathes his story in atmospherics: no one is without his wreath of cigarette smoke, no recess without its shadowy figure.
He made a drink and stepped out onto the balcony to smoke a cigarette.
Radiation, cigarette smoke, and pollution can all convert various molecules into free radicals.
Secondhand smoke is the smoke from a cigarette, cigar or pipe, and the smoke exhaled by a smoker.
We'll only smoke if surprised by tragedy's approach, as it noses closer.
Sailing, he'd invite my friends and me to stay up half the night playing poker in an invariably smoke-filled cabin.
According to this understanding, those who smoke fewer than five cigarettes per day are not addicted.
Then there's the smoke plumes rising from the ground.
Soldiers smoke because it elevates stress and anxieties.
Columns of smoke wash over the state, evacuation warnings following.
The images clearly show the side-by-side smoke stacks and the metal walking beam that provided power to the paddle wheels.
Inhaling smoke on the fire line is part of the job, but researchers are now looking closer at the effects of wildfire smoke.
Industrialized countries have worked to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve people's health.
Fireballs tend to trek across the sky at a noticeably slower pace and leave behind visible smoke trails that can last for minutes.
My head was spinning as each puff of diesel smoke fueled a growing nausea.
Shah lowers his machine gun, smoke curling from the barrel.
The air is scented with cooking smoke and drying laundry.
The crew was ordered to the higher decks and armed with smoke bombs and bottles of butyric acid, which are mega stink bombs.
Breakfast smoke rises from campfire villages deep in the woods.
The skies used to be brown with smoke and acrid with sulfur.
Avoid smoke-filled settings and situations in which you are more likely to smoke.
The house filled with smoke that went undetected by the home's smoke detectors.
Intense smoke and heat, rather than flames, pushed people into this horrific choice.
The employee reported the smoke to the fire department.
Those who had received the motivational texts were twice as likely to still be smoke-free.
The stylus pressed against sheets of paper that had been blackened by oil-lamp smoke and attached to a rotating cylinder.
But the show, quite dramatically, opens with a big puff of smoke.
First it tracks how much you smoke, then it builds a plan to gradually reduce your daily lung-punches all the way to zero.
Behind all the smoke and fury, there are in fact three battles.
The still air keeps the smoke close to the surface, exacerbating its effects on health.
All the studies on environmental tobacco smoke have found no evidence that this is the case.
Amid the cigar smoke and snifters that followed its directors' dinners, an idea formed.
Most of them stem from sugar, fat, smoke and sedentary lifestyles.
The still air keeps the smoke close to the surface, exacerbating its malign effects on health.
He was tall, with a crew cut, and his voice was raspy from years of inhaling smoke from fires and cigarettes.
But even they, the survivors, were stumbling out of the smoke into a different world.
Smoke gave the cool air a faintly burned flavor, an aftertaste of ash.
At night, he performed satirical cabaret theatre in smoke-filled caf├ęs.
Then someone spotted smoke billowing from a third-floor window.
Following the first grading period, the air was so thick with smoke you could barely find your way across campus.
As he writes, he may drink tea or coffee, or smoke cigarettes.
Some of this puffs-of-smoke confusion seems easy to explain.
Inside, the fragrance of the flowers mingled with the odor of wood smoke and mildew.
Smoldering hills of sawdust landfill send white smoke across the bridge, which mixes with diesel exhaust from the traffic.
We meet them one morning in the kitchen, talking through each other's smoke.
First, there was the suspicious smoke pouring out of the north tower.
It was astonishing to me that anyone could smoke so much and drink so much and keep perfectly well.
Swirling, slender plumes of smoke from incense filled the air, seeping into our hair.
When they scrubbed sulfur out of coal and industrial smoke stacks, it made sense.
The smoke plume was visible from space, and it caused a lot of local grief.
The smoke to the left of the sun is actually leftover material from an erupting sunspot.
Try living in a closed hut breathing wood smoke six months a year.
It appeared to me to have multiple lights on it, and a green smoke coming from it.
After all, millions of people who smoke do live to a ripe old age.
Naturally the plume of smoke took the radioactive materials with it.
Scientific theories are often full of smoke-and-mirrors and are refuted when a charismatic or well-funded proponent dies.
The case for the prosecution is all smoke and mirrors, a tissue of half-truths perched on the thinnest of proof.
It was a real party scene, with different rooms filled with white smoke to mimic an opium den.
Railroads had begun to knit the interior of the nation into an iron tracery of ceaseless, smoke-belching movement.
Vesuvian, they bubble and smoke in a magma of astringent garlic butter and parsley.
More people than ever smoke it, some for pure pleasure, some as a cure for pain.
She no longer has any desire to smoke, but she has had severe side effects.
He doesn't smoke and has rarely been heard to swear.
The truly resourceful might build a fire and smoke the remaining corned beef into its crusty cousin, pastrami.
Employees at the plant reported seeing smoke coming from a transformer on site after the outage.
Repeatedly, studies have found that people with schizophrenia are about twice as likely to smoke pot as those who are unaffected.
He ate and drank moderately, exercised often and did not smoke.
Squad cars wedged in the angry marchers ranks, and riot police moved in, wielding clubs and throwing smoke grenades.
Yet no one, no matter where they are sitting, is permitted to smoke in the open-air stands.
Find information on secondhand smoke exposure, health effects, and smoke-free initiatives and resources.
Smoke detector for apartment, lodging house, or hotel.
Some are slow burning and smoky, some are fast burning, producing high heat but less smoke.
Smoke is made up of a complex mixture of gases and fine, microscopic particles produced when wood and other organic matter burn.
Secondhand smoke can trigger asthma episodes and increase the severity of attacks.

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