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Example sentences for smithereens

Hold the egg in your hand so you don't smash it to smithereens on the table what with all the pressure of the poking.
The room and its computerized controls had been blown to smithereens.
Mariners have long known of and feared the freak wave that can smash ocean-going vessels to smithereens.
They would have blasted the island and its inhabitants to smithereens using nuclear weapons.
Both presumptions have of course been reduced to smithereens by now.
The other is to physically shred the drive, smashing it to smithereens.
Once she finds it, she quits acting girlish and blows whoever happens to be bothering her to smithereens.
Nothing much was left of her but charred smithereens.
These games appealed primarily to males with their focus on racking up scores or blasting an alien to smithereens.
In seven minutes, the entire planet is about to be smashed to smithereens by a comet.
Homes have been swept away, farmland scoured of its topsoil, highways washed out and one enormous levee blown to smithereens.
We know this is the case since sunken wrecks are not all smashed to smithereens by their impact with the sea floor.

Famous quotes containing the word smithereens

With him the love of country means Blowing it all to smithereens And having it all made over new.... more
The spirit of the place is a strange thing. Our mechanical age tries to override it. But it does not succeed. In the end... more
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