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Example sentences for smiling

But no, she was her upbeat, smiling self at the workshop this week.
They spent a week smiling at the cameras, visiting their birthplaces and praying at ancestral tombs.
Although getting in is tough, admissions staff invariably present a smiling face.
She, for her part, has played the perfect candidate by sticking closely to her sound bites and smiling ceaselessly at the camera.
After the service, the smiling nun who greeted us stops to talk.
But people go about their daily chores with grave faces and try to avoid talking to foreigners, or even smiling.
It means a serious demeanor: smiling, eye contact, but not flirting.
When smiling, all of us look more approachable and amiable.
She was kidding some one over the wire, lips smiling.
Believable enough, given the tight-faced smiling desperation of his practiced success.
Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't stop smiling.
He posed as if he were a rake and a bit of a snob, smiling an old-money smile.
But he lies on his side, smiling, oblivious of the pain.
Vincent, smiling, called the executioners weak and faint-hearted.
We're smiling here about something familiar and comforting.
He repeats himself for emphasis, and then-ever the showman-jumps to his feet, smiling at me over his shoulder.
She was smiling and seemed to think that this was a celebration.
But once subsistence is taken care of, luxury raises its silken, smiling head.
Her head wasn't tilting to the left as much, and she was smiling.
All with a smiling picture of yours truly, supposedly devising a definitive test for all of string theory.
She paused for a moment, looking out over the lake, smiling to herself.
Eye tests, teacher training, smiling: the small details in the fight to revolutionize a public middle school.
They were all smiling up at the camera, and had wrinkles in their white rubber caps.
Dad suffered, smiling sheepishly through a number of scenes at the dinner table-and at other times, too.
She found that when she was with him she couldn't stop smiling.
And yet he vividly remembered the effort of smiling.
She was kidding some one over the wire, lips smiling.
Because she has seldom been seen smiling for the camera, her portrait here is historic.
The diplomats are all in business suits, smiling wide.
She materialized, smiling, always a little bit the coquette.
Only then did she take her final bow, smiling with hands clasped before her.

Famous quotes containing the word smiling

Yet thou dost look Like Patience gazing on kings' graves, and smiling Extremity out of act.... more
When the weather suits you not, Try smiling; When your coffee isn't hot, Try smiling;... more
And it seems to help your case, Brightens up a gloomy place; Then, it sort of rests your face— Just smilingmore
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