smiley in a sentence

Example sentences for smiley

Yes, and that seems to be independent of how talkative mothers are or how smiley mothers are.
Moreover, her findings did not come with a big smiley face.
Smiley is a tough part to cast for a lot of reasons.
Smiley-faced signs invite the public to loll around, frolic, and picnic on the greenery.
Good behaviour, bad behaviour, and the environmental impact of smiley faces.
Oh, and above, that's a colon placed properly within a parenthesis not a smiley.
There isn't even a smiley to let people know that it is a joke.
Cuteness got its start as a cowardly form of resistance, a velvet rebellion led by smiley-face emoticons.
Sometimes they form a star or smiley face as they explode, but that's about as high-tech as it gets.
It started looking corny, a kind of smiley face before there were smiley faces.
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