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IT sounds smart to control the odor in cars by minimizing the smell of what goes into them.
Select the fish with your nose: it should smell ocean-fresh or be odorless.
Tobias was one of the first to smell the sweet odor.
One of your co-workers often has an unpleasant smell.
Cafés are half-full, the smell of cardamom coffee and cherry tobacco spicing the habitués' anxious questions.
Some dogs can smell odors given off by humans with bladder cancer and diabetes, researchers say.
Scientists have not fully understood how mosquitoes distinguish the smell of human breath and sweat from other odors in nature.
The rats are smart and has a better sense of smell than a dog.
Annual pardons tend to smell fishy in the best of times.
Compounds called fatty acids produce a rancid, sour smell.
Timing is everything for sharks that smell in stereo.
There was also a funky smell, not the usual lovely sea smell that lobsters carry.
If shedding is accompanied by sweet smell and sticky leaves, look for and control scale insects add to my plant list.
The brain notes which receptors are activated, and interprets this pattern as the smell.
People can smell thousands-perhaps even millions-of different scents.
They were warm and fragrant, and the smell was all over my hands and clothes.
But the point, the miraculous point, is that he has no smell at all.
In developing countries the pig-effluent collects in open lagoons which smell bad and get infested with flies.
Coyotes are formidable in the field where they enjoy keen vision and a strong sense of smell.
It's more than the smell of baking asphalt, exhaust fumes, and lack of deodorant-these smells are around all year.
They all tend to have the same selection of candies, the same line of sunburned kids and the same sticky sweet smell.
As if looking at art weren't bad enough, now you have to smell it, too.
In the early days he ruled them out because of their smell.
They have a highly developed sense of smell that males use to avoid each other and to find females for mating in the spring.
Strange as it may seem, science has not yet figured out the sense of smell.
When the door is opened, the noise spills out along with the smell of fibers mixed with machine oil.
If shedding is accompanied by sweet smell and sticky leaves, look for and control scale insects.
The building across the road doesn't smell too bad, either.
The forks on its tongue help the snake tell the direction the smell came from.
Skatole bears a heavy responsibility for making poo smell phooey.
But no combination of spices will mask the awful smell of rotten meat or keep you from getting violently sick.
Leaves and stems are clammy to the touch, and have a strong but not unpleasant smell.
To begin training, you give the roaches sugar water with the peppermint smell and saline solution with the vanilla smell.
Salmon learn where to spawn from the smell of the water in which they grew up.
Chicken blood is spread over the box and in other hidden places to exercise its sense of smell.
Studies show that dog owners can pick their pooch out of a lineup by smell alone.
You'll see elk, deer and cranes, and get so close to a herd of bison that you can practically smell their wooly fur.
Maybe you should mix in some actuated charcoal to absorb a tiny bit of the smell.
The smell of formaldehyde seeps out into the nearby hospital and cemetery.
They are consummate scavengers, with excellent senses of sight and smell and a nearly limitless menu of diet items.
Yet no bird's sense of smell is cued to human scent.
Expect to smell and hear them if you live near agricultural land.
But some of these smell pretty bad themselves and are nearly impossible to get out of the bottle.
Some birds can, of course, and for them it's no less important than taste or smell are for us.
They have poor eyesight but highly developed senses of taste and smell.
Mice were trained to identify feces from bird flu-infected ducks by smell.
The animals use their keen sense of smell to find anthills and termite mounds.
Get one whiff of oakmoss extract and you never forget it: a deep, raspy, dark smell that conjures up a primeval forest.
Dogs rely on their sense of smell much the same way humans rely on their eyesight.
The deformities left her unable to speak, smell and taste properly.
Or a grocer's glove with sensors that integrate temperature, smell and vision to determine if produce has gone bad.
They thought they could smell marijuana, so they searched his car.
Rhinos have sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell.
The kitchen may smell great-but at the cost of a duller sauce.
With those powerful snouts, dogs can smell tiny clues that people leave behind wherever they go.
He tells the bartender the cheese is no good, he can't smell a thing.
The smell is what keeps some would-be connoisseurs at bay.
It helps you track it down too-by sharpening your sense of smell.
The smell floated out into the living room, drawing everyone near.
Sharks can smell and taste even the smallest amount of blood.
It is unique among our vultures in that it finds carrion by smell as well as by sight.
My housemates stained the back deck this past week, and somehow the paint thinner smell got into the fridge.
Think large oak trees and the smell of honeysuckle in the air.
The smell is strongest at regions close to the marshland.
It was no longer a threat, except for the smell of moribund quadruped that pervaded the room.
The sight and smell of the sea inspire courage and adventure, fear and romance.
They claimed that they'd be able to shut down their engines post-tenure and smell the flowers from their office windows.
The researchers say the strong smell is what repels biting insects.
It was a quiet walk with the smell of blooming spring flowers.
It is time for public higher ed to wake up and smell the coffee.
The smell comes from gases mixed with the spurting water.
And then it was lights out, the sharp smell of acetone lingering in the darkness.
Opponents smell a cover-up, even though there is no evidence of one.
It lathers up great and will rinse away the noxious smell of dwarves.
Floating to the top, it is scooped up and recycled, using chemicals to disguise the smell.
Through that concoction it would be impossible to detect a stale smell, or indeed any smell at all.
On the sidewalk, the air was thick with the dispiriting smell of frying fat.
But the smell of them cooking inspires significantly less affection.
Recollections tied to smell can be stronger than memories elicited by other cues.
Selective breeding may have robbed short-snouted dogs of their keen sense of smell when it relocated their olfactory lobes.
By some measures, it even appears to be mildly attracted to the smell of felines.
The menthol smell goes away shortly and gives hrs of relief especially after a hot shower when it can get into the open pores.
The monkey comes up to smell the yellow and blue flowers twice and each time sneezes.
Some suntan oils smell of coconut, so the scent is supposed to remind people of past holidays.
Potentially, other markets could soon smell as sweet.
It was still in the car boot, and starting to smell.
Dogs, they say, think in maps informed with their smell.
What you smell may influence emotions in your dreams, according to a new study.
Rarely observed, this brazen feeding behavior originates with smell.
Sulfurous chemicals, also responsible for the smell of rotten eggs, are almost certainly present.
Having little or no sense of smell, dolphins make up for it with a sharp sense of hearing.
They use their long whiskers and excellent sense of smell and sight to avoid predators and locate prey and carrion.
Boulder's sea spray is too sparse to taste or even smell.
The ink even contains a substance that dulls a predator's sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track.
These animals find their quarry not by sight-theirs is poor-but by smell.
While on the hunt, they rely upon their senses of hearing and smell because their eyesight is weak.
That's because the mammals rely heavily on the trunks' sense of smell and touch when seeking out food.
His clothes were apt to look oily and smell of eating-houses.
She had lost all perception of smell and was almost constantly bothered by one or two subjective sensations of smell.
The forest seemed full of the smell of burning wood.
Instead of the musty smell of book-filled stacks, the first thing that strikes you is the cold.
He tried blocking sound perception, or smell, and still the mice reacted to one another.
Autumn leaves crinkle underfoot and the smell of apple cider fills the air, along with the shouts of overexcited preschoolers.
In short, there seems to be a desire to eliminate the smell of corruption, while keeping the money.
Adding to the unpleasantness was the overpowering smell of hot, damp wool.
The smell isn't too bad, but it's a little high, so you smoke a cigar.
Even the smell sticks my tongue to the roof of my mouth.
The smell of burned onion came out of the tiny room where all five members of his family slept.
Another malady, but this one not my own, is responsible for my keen interest in the science of diagnosis by smell.
Smell plays an important role in the critique that the occupations are not sanitary.
Only the smell of the field, when all she wanted was the smell of the sea, of disappearance.
In his new state he begins to investigate the apartment anew by smell and touch, as he doesn't have eyes.
He found the smell of burned clay that lingered in her clothes to be sickening.
Under the smell of baking, there's some disinfectant, some bleach.
There was an uncomely dry-rot smell about him that even he could smell.
There was an earthy smell of damp flowers and also the smell of the distant fire.
She snapped the tin's top expertly, and the shack swelled with the smell of a shoemaker's stall.
Also contributing to their smell might have been their diet, which at certain times of the year was mainly mare's milk.
There was a slight smell of burning in the bright, noisy operating room.
Everybody in the neighborhood knows her by its sweet smell.
He'd left the kitchen door open and the window shut, and hoped the smell would wake her-she loved her grub.
There's a restaurant in here, too, in the direction of the smell.
They shared an old house in the town, one of those run-down, peeling places that smell of mold inside.
These moments were crowded with elements, with carpet fibres and automobiles and the smells of everything that had a smell.

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