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Imagine smashing fresh berries into pure, sweet honey.
When you talk about my career, when they show a highlight reel, they're never going to show it without me smashing that guitar.
Moreover, the idea of smashing machines as a form of industrial protest did not begin or end with them.
We are said to be living in an icon-smashing age, but the odd thing is how few shards can be found on the floor.
It holds up the center of the pizza box to avoid cardboard smashing down on the cheese on the top of the pizza.
Police make a baton charge at noon, smashing their heavy truncheons into civil rights marchers' faces.
That's a long time to be smashing around on the water.
Cracked and empty shells lie in heaps on the seafloor at the site of the smashing incident.
At that age, you don't know what the barriers are and you keep smashing up against them.
Boys will soon be smashing them up in a scrap market.
Beautiful theory collides with smashing particle data.
Those machine-smashing textile workers were reacting to immediate threats, such as losing their jobs.
Therefore, those that are at the forefront of atom smashing will be the first to see this as a recordable event.
How poetic, when this house of cards comes smashing down in the end.
Smashing the window with a golf club isn't going to get the job done-it's time to put big government on the operating table.
They get that the point of the movie was that it was supposed to be smashing the cookie-cutter comedy movie into a million pieces.
He is pure, furious id smashing his way through any obstacle.
There's some non-astro bits, but it's quite smashing.
They are snapping and smashing the bones to get at the marrow.
There's some woo themes, too, but it really is quite smashing.
Both laboratories use similar approaches: smashing particles called hadrons into each other.
But judging by this second volume in a projected eight-volume series, it is going to be a smashing success.
Without breaking his stride, he steps behind the pair, effortlessly grabbing their craniums and smashing them together.
But by simply smashing the tablet, users can foil the time-release action and achieve a high that's been compared to heroin.
The other is to physically shred the drive, smashing it to smithereens.
Through your efforts this year's conference was a smashing success.
The bit starts drilling a hole in the ground by either chewing or smashing the rock.
How to keep pavement from smashing your head or your car from rolling over you if you're not in the car.
The problem with smashing the whole system, however, is that it's a lazy answer to a fierce challenge.

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