smasher in a sentence

Example sentences for smasher

Not a big baggage smasher, but will take the body, and is always in the proper position.
They look pathetic and not worthy of a pumpkin smasher.
The bottom edge is called a knee-knocker but really it should be called an ankle smasher or foot catcher.
Invented the first cyclotron, an atom smasher that could fit in the palm of a hand.
They have a multimillion-dollar atom-smasher that has given us new information on how the universe began.
And if you did understand, you would pull out pencil and paper, microscope and atom smasher to try and answer.
World's largest atom smasher to awaken after winter snooze.
Historic atom smasher reduced to rubble and revelry.
We raise a wail of despair the baggage smasher and the laundry slasher.
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