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In the seventies that would have bought you a smashed camera and probably split skull.
It would seem that a leg of the tripod had been smashed by one of the shells.
In others they smashed the old obstructionist committees and formed new ones.
They carved the meat of cow- and goat-sized animals with sharp stone tools and smashed the bones to get at the rich marrow inside.
And a flying mammal that ingests enough fruit alcohol may give an unfortunate double meaning to the word smashed.
They smashed the phony, photographed the pieces and scanned them into a computer, creating a database of fragments.
They have found all sorts of parts of the hypothetical smashed clock: gears and hands and more gears.
Then he smashed his face in someone's birthday cake.
The printers and distributors of the magazine had their windows smashed.
For three days now, buildings and vehicles have been smashed and set on fire, while stores and warehouses were looted.
Based on this advice, he took a big step forward, and a bullet smashed into the wall next to us right where his head had been.
Inside his smashed skull, his brain has begun to swell.
Every single one of them had had their windows smashed.
Some vehicles veered out of action with smashed windshields.
Smashed to pieces in an aeroplane, acting as a stretcher-bearer, or digging a trench.
The first strokes smashed the shells into small bits and crushed the rice to a pulp.
Add chicken to pot along with smashed garlic and sliced ginger.
Especially the incident in which they were part of a drunken group that smashed a restaurant window and escaped without charges.
The pyramid broke free and ran a short, wild course downstream to be smashed again on the riverbank.
They then smashed the stone-and-mortar wall surrounding it and dropped the rubble down the hole.
Rioters smashed shop windows, flipped over cars, and threw rocks at riot police.
The set ends with smashed instruments and broken amps.
He smashed into the concrete driveway and his hip shattered.
When the object collided with something, the clay would get smashed and he could measure how smashed it got.
He frantically dialed his father's cell phone while the police smashed the door open.
Ten workers took the products one by one, smashed them with hammers, and threw them into a bonfire.
The same day, another couple was driving a boat on the river when a sturgeon jumped up and smashed into the boat's windshield.
Jets of material from the white dwarf are thought to have smashed into this bubble's wall.
In the plaza, the team also found a cross-shaped depression containing five smashed jars, an offering for water.
Within a couple of years the lander smashed unseen into the moon.
In places, the animals have smashed through the bamboo for hundreds of yards, creating virtual tunnels straight up the ridgeline.
The first strike smashed the starboard rail, killing or maiming nine marines.
He also smashed an office window while shouting to emergency crews and the media on the ground below.
Windows were smashed, fires lit, fire extinguishers flung from the roof and the outnumbered police pelted with sticks.
After the body was lowered into the ground, the coffin was smashed up with rocks to deter grave-robbers.
When billions of hadrons are smashed they create heaps of extraneous particles which obfuscate the picture.
Some protesters smashed windows in an attempt to storm local-government offices.
But last month a military truck with ten gunmen came and smashed the checkpoint.
His legs and arms are held taut, the bones smashed by repeated blows.
None can ignore a country now littered with smashed cars and army sandbags.
But the hulls from the fruit made into juice were smashed.
The pattern of burn marks on her bones showed that after she died, her family burned the corpse, then smashed the bones.
And when fossils are particularly smashed up, paleoanthropologists simply don't dare reconstruct them.
These particles promptly smashed into and annihilated one another, leaving behind a small residue of matter and a lot of energy.
His voice is high and nasal after police smashed his teeth out until he confessed.
No large armies lying smashed and smoking in the far deserts.
Then these high energy particles are smashed into one another or into fixed targets, and all sorts of stuff can happen.
All the cunning adjustments of a twentieth century city had been smashed by the earthquake.

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