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Example sentences for smartphone

Many of these programs can also sync to your smartphone, helping your productivity when you are away from the office.
Download a water-drinking tracker for your smartphone.
Smartphone users will even be able to scan bar codes on the sides of individual vats to follow their progress.
And a smartphone may be a great decision for practical reasons as well as for diversion.
In theory, you stumble across this code on a billboard on a magazine page and you point your smartphone at it.
Wired predicts the rise of smartphone apps that allow the device to act as a remote control.
For one thing, it's a serious handheld gaming device in the era of the casual smartphone gamer.
The majority of smartphone users do not want their hardware locked down or monitored.
It's a tremendous amount of time, next to what a charge gets you on your laptop or smartphone.
Furthermore, not everyone who has a cell phone has a smartphone.
Also: the world's thinnest smartphone and the world's first eye-controlled laptop.
And smartphone photography wouldn't be the thriving phenomenon that it is today.
Topping this year's smorgasbord of gifts, it seems, was the smartphone.
Motivational messages will also be developed and sent daily to participants via the smartphone.
Get our free restaurant inspection and message apps for your smartphone now.
Smartphone users gain mobile access to latest labor data and news.
It resembles an oversize smartphone or an undersized tablet.
You're driving down the road and realize your smartphone is missing.
Unfortunately the amount of data coming to or leaving from my smartphone is mostly not due to a phone call.
If they heard a bit of birdsong, they could look it up on the smartphone app.
PC makers, smartphone rivals and other takeover options look slim.
Images captured through a smartphone and processed by the app will be incapable of being transmitted from the device.
But if the company continues to flounder in the smartphone market it might consider going back to making rubber boots.
With talented programmers and a ready-made market of smartphone-owning game obsessives, this is a natural growth industry.
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