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Help may soon be available in the form of a smart film that can block heat--but not light--from the sun.
The bigger climate payoff from smart metering comes as customers reduce electricity consumption throughout the year.
Except that we're all smart enough to know that that has absolutely nothing to do with how science works.
In fact, so-called gifted students may fail to do well because they are unusually smart.
One of them is the fast-growing market for smart phones and other handheld devices, such as tablet computers.
Lately the paranoia has spread to the smart meters being introduced by electrical utilities in various parts of the world.
Consumers can already get hold of many publications on smart-phones and e-readers.
His sin was to have been caught napping by the smart-phone craze.
Technologies including multi-core processor chips, more efficient power supplies and smart cooling systems are already available.
Smart investors preferred to make bearish bets via more bespoke instruments.
But philanthropists say it is also a testament to savvy college leaders and smart fund raisers.
Although it's too early to tell how effective smartphones are as learning tools, they already have smart uses for universities.
But not every techie toy is smart enough to be a teaching tool.
The smart cards pay for parking spots, and their programming could be easily changed to obtain unlimited free parking.
They are smart in large part because their parents are smart.
It used to be considered smart to block or clog up a board so that no one could put down a bingo.
If inflation rages over the next few years, then buying a home now might be a smart move.
Make people feel smart, and they will put up with anything.
Smart folk plot their meals in peace-dividing and conquering the uniformly delicious sides-and call up for delivery.
It hadn't been that smart a move to get stoned prior to my captivity.
His addition is smart and well planned on the inside, and too complex and overwrought on the outside.
The lavishing of gifts and favors on prospective or valued customers is generally considered smart salesmanship.
The show is smart enough to test the waters of outrage but not brazen enough to take a genuine plunge.
What they got was smart, balanced, and too obviously risk-adverse.
But though she's smarter than any smart house ever known, she has a bit of a problem: her power source.
Almost as obviously, he's an incredibly smart and creative guy.
It hasn't led to any improvement in knowledge about how to do the important things that would make machines really smart.
Engineers use a robotic device known as a smart pig to inspect pipelines from the inside.
Gray whales, for one, seem to be about as smart as cows.
But there are signs the bubble is about to burst, and smart money may be trying to turn mania into cash.
She is really smart and really savvy, and she refuses to make choices based on fear.
All she needed was a shorter haircut and a smart pantsuit.
She is quick to respond, smart, and confident of her ability to answer.
Increasingly, scientists agree that it isn't physical need that makes animal smart, but social necessity.
Funny and smart, you are generous and will protect your pack of friends.
Cheetahs are usually too smart to tangle with hyenas.
The first cave was horrific, but they were smart enough to build a spectacular escape exit.
But the bird is smart, only falling for the trick once or twice.
The sun was hot and smart people were taking a siesta in hammocks on shaded porches.
Smart looking and perfect for bad weather with the hood.
The introduction of so-called smart shopping carts should make this possible.
If you have a smart phone, online criminals may soon have your number.
Now the mobile industry wants help from developers to make smart phones even smarter.
Smart watches can be useful in a range of situations.
App stores are exploding with programs designed to help people monitor their health using a smart phone.
The sensors inside modern smart phones present a range of security threats.
New attacks highlight the growing threat to smart phones.
Today's smart phones have all the speed, storage, and network connectivity of desktop computers from a few years ago.
Smart phones are surging in popularity and may come to dominate consumer electronics.
Such a system could be further optimized by using smart chargers and other electronics.
If they are so smart, find a way to secure the process.
Touch-screen technology has become wildly popular, thanks to smart phones designed for nimble fingers.
But smart shoppers can't be expected to be experts in all categories of buying.
Tablets and smart phones can do so much, but you have to help them help you.
Many studies show the environmental benefits of smart growth.
Learn about smart growth issues and environmental benefits.

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