smallish in a sentence

Example sentences for smallish

And the smallish screen made everything seem a bit cramped.
We find a lot of society in a smallish geographic space.
But by and large, these comments felt smallish to me, and were accompanied by a fair amount of talk on deficit-cutting.
It's unfolding in smallish chunks in a series of tight feedback cycles.
The rear seatbacks fold down, expanding a smallish luggage space otherwise accessible only via the hatchback.
And this was in a smallish kitchen that always had smoke and smells.
And it emits from one smallish spot, diminishing with distance by the inverse-square law.
The first two show a smallish buck with a scrubby four-point antler on one side and a forked nub on the other.
It's an easy bird to identify with its big blue-gray shaggy crest atop a proportionally oversized head on a smallish body.
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