small potatoes in a sentence

Example sentences for small potatoes

Wash and pare small potatoes, cut in eighth lengthwise, and soak one hour in cold water.
When it comes to providing an alternative source of oil, pig manure ain't no small potatoes.
Fresh filet of butterfly trout, small potatoes, salad.
Let's face it, my losses were small potatoes compared with the federal deficit.
The money to send a few thousand scientists to a meeting is small potatoes for our large nation.
The ultimate aim is not such humane small potatoes as repatriating refugees.
Compared to overhauling the entire health care system, this was small potatoes.
Which are no small potatoes in any economic climate.
Nuclear bombs make them too, but compared those other events, a nuke detonating is small potatoes.
The investment needed to provide environmentally sustainable development, as it's called, is small potatoes by comparison.
If you can answer this question in full, then you've answered the reason why the fights over evolution are small potatoes.
In the annals of misleading science reporting, this may be pretty small potatoes.
But it is small potatoes next to the summiteers' ambitions.
If you are playing with billions, compensation in the millions is small potatoes.
In people's minds the government is the means for making business, everything else is a small potatoes gathered for the fun of it.
In other words, small wind may not be small potatoes for much longer.
But those are small potatoes in a generally fatuous tale.
If desired, serve with small potatoes or egg noodles that have been tossed with butter and parsley.
However, this is small potatoes compared to her personal life.
In the world of corruption and high crimes, this one is small potatoes.
Because it sets our transportation priorities for several years, this is not small potatoes.
Maybe you even added corn-on-the-cob and small potatoes, as many people do, to add variety to the pot.
In the grand scheme of investment fraud, it was small potatoes.
Aerial tubers are usually present during summer months and resemble small potatoes.
Corporate alcohol marketing is small potatoes at many colleges when compared to marketing by local bars and liquor stores.
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