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Don't be surprised if there is considerable smacking of lips during a meal and burping at the end to show the meal tasted good.
No one speaks a word, but the smacking of lips and gnashing of teeth is almost comically loud.
It took our offering and swung back to the beam, where it gobbled the fruit with loud slurping and smacking noises.
It dishes up lip-smacking seafood dishes, from baked mussels to grilled fish and prawns.
Another sign of agitation was her persistent lip smacking behavior and high pitched vocalizations.
If you are over six feet tall, you are in constant danger of smacking your head on something metal protruding from above.
There's no one on a horse, smacking the saddle and moving the people.
Grant's defense of emancipation involved smacking down the notion that it automatically led to social equality or miscegenation.
But always that jerky twitching, always that smacking of rodent lips.
Tommy started smacking the base- ment pipes with the hammer.
The artificiality of the pose coexists perfectly with lip-smacking, carnal joy.
Even after our bowls are empty, our family is still eating crumbs-spoonfuls of them at a time-smacking them into our mouths.
Both smacking and fines are punishments from a recognised authority.
Perhaps it has something to do with that irritating arrow of time smacking us straight between the eyes.
Reality has a way of smacking foregone conclusion in the face.
Most of the time, it's for smacking down someone who desperately deserves it.
Screaming, running by, smacking each other and showing signs of aggression are pretty normal for chimps.
But no game has truly captured the singular feeling of smacking someone in the face with a piece of your house.
The ions are attracted to the foil skirt and race down, smacking into neutral molecules and generating a downward-moving breeze.
In political circles, fashion is a loaded term, smacking of frivolity and vanity.
Retail sales fall, smacking stocks, denting recovery hopes.
It also seems to thrash around a bit more violently when smacking into a wall or other vehicle.
Think of me as a ping pong ball: someone is always smacking me in the back of the head and saying let's go.
Lip-smacking communal breakfasts are a house tradition.
Cattle make characteristic tongue sucking and lip smacking sounds.
Drooling and smacking of lips are early signs of the disease.
We all know that disheartening sound: a bird smacking into a window in our house or office building.
After one particularly unpleasant shot, she punished the offending club by smacking it into the bottom of her new golf bag.

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