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If he is proved right, the result will smack not of reconciliation but revenge.
The worthy ambition runs smack into a marketing imperative.
Also, there are parents who smack inappropriately and they often lack other parenting skills.
It's smack on top of what'll be an underground station on the new train line.
But one must also be cautious about starting the smack war too early and speaking up too often.
Anonymous attacks on a message board smack somewhat of personal grudges.
Seated smack in his own salad bowl, he couldn't be happier.
Many territorial battles are fought w/ tails to smack the opponent.
One thing that aggravates me is when people smack whenever they are chewing gum or food.
Last year politicians and campaigners put global poverty smack on the table.
Residents fled smack into the plume of air carrying radioactive debris.
Many of them, no matter how lofty the cause, smack of spam.
Claiming credit for this bounty might seem to smack of cronyism.
Too bad you keyboard warriors don't do your research before you talk smack.
We also brought the slide shows smack into the center of the home page.
Diplomats have run smack up against one of the paradoxes of globalisation.
To me that blows the laws of physics smack out of the water.
For a country used to the smack of firm government, this unstable construction is a risky venture.
The timing of the revocation of his citizenship does smack of pettiness.
In democracies this makes it difficult for governments to adopt policies that smack of selection or exclusion.
She steals his mobile phone and her accomplice comes in to smack her in the face.
And quite possibly an insufficient smack upside the head to do the job.
Take the initiative, smack them around, and tell them what to do.
They could thrive in my mackerel farm and not have to smack trolls.
Odds are that you're right smack in the middle of a beautiful landscape that few will ever see.
It might not be right smack in the middle of one of the pixels.
The bright lights bounce off the white counters and smack me in the face.
If you're going to be taunting her in that way, she will smack you down.
Little did he know that he would drive smack into the middle of an angry mob looking for vengeance.
As for doctors, patient safety can't happen if physicians aren't smack in the middle of it.
The gases would sweep neatly past the streamlined projectile but smack into the blunt obturator.
If a bully is talking smack about you, keep in mind all the good stuff you know about yourself.
Your example makes sense, but runs smack into the unyielding definitions of mathematics.
So literally chase the whale down and then, smack the tag on the back of the whale.

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